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Default Tower Hobbies Uproar 40 build

I was not able to find any recent threads on this fun fly machine. So, I figured I’d go ahead with a new one.

My project is actually going to be a triple build. Yep, going to do three at once[:-]. Intended purpose is for 3 of use to have some new and good flying fun machines for the winter. When the winter winds come, we do a lot of “kite flying” stationary flight into the wind. Sometimes in formation. It keeps us in the air when nobody else will fly and I can guarantee it helps keep your reaction time sharp. Here is some of last winters video. . The last half or one third or so of the video has a couple of near zero MPH ground speed landings.

I’ll be modifying the tail feathers a bit. It could be a waste of my time. But I’ll try it and see how they fly afterwards. They’ll be powered with Super Tigre 51’s swinging APC 13X4 wide props. Lots of thrust and slow flight. In addition I will be going right next to nuts on weight reduction.

When I get to the point of covering they’ll be ugly because I’ll use colors that I acquired in a box full of stuff years ago. At any rate the covering is kind of free depending on how you look at it.

To kick things off here are a few pictures of the planned tail mods. In all of the pictures the light blue framework is the stock build. The yellow represents what I will build. The shape and proportions are close to a scaled down version of my Wild Stik 120 that is just a blast to fly. It's in the last half of the video linked above.

Notice in the drawing of the stab and elevator, I will be moving the hinge line as well as the leading edge of the stab forward about 7/8”. I am doing this to match (more or less) the proportions of the Wild Stik, plus it makes more room for rudder travel. There will be counterbalances added to the elevator as well.

For the rudder, I'll increase the height and length by about 5/8” while creating a significant counter balance. The trailing edge of the vertical stab (fin) will be extended down to replace the “shaped tail post” that goes between the fuse side. this is to increase strength of the vertical fin. In doing this the very end of the fuse will be about 3/16” wider than stock.
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