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Default Aurora 9 charge it before turning on

I got my Aurora 9 two days ago and of course turned it on for a quick look.
It was beeping; but I kept it on for about 5 minutes.
After an overnite charge; about 10 hours; It was at 100%. After 43 minutes
of on with the transmitter off the battery was at 0%.
The battery is rated at 1300MAH and according to Tower the drain is 300 MA.
which translates into over 4 hours. I took the battery out and hooked it
up to a Hobbico Accu-cycle Elite charger. I used the chargers nominal
values for a Nimh 1300Mah battery 0.5 amps charge; 0.3 amps discharge;
6.6 volts end discharge and cycled it 6 times. Note 6.6 volt is higher than
the Aurora 9's 6.0 volt warning. Also I was not able to change the Aurora
9 at the Nimh setting to 6.6 volts like it can under Lipo settings. Software
fix needed?
chg dchg Mah
458 262
570 427
676 568
794 673
934 771
1052 940
1163 1054
At this point I decided it was good enough as the maximum usage I intended
was about 1.5 hours with overnite charges. I highly recommend charging the
battery for at least 16 hours or more with the supplied wall-wart before you
turn it on. Battery dimensions HxWxL in mm. 14x43x100. The case is 10
mm longer, otherwise the battery is a tight fit. I am hoping someone will
come up with a reasonable priced Lipo for this transmitter like you can buy
for JR's and Futaba's.