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Default RE: Aurora 9 charge it before turning on

ORIGINAL: griesel ,
I got my Aurora 9 two days ago and of course turned it on for a quick look.
It was beeping; but I kept it on for about 5 minutes.
Unfortunately, that is the fastest way to "kill" or seriously reduce the capacity of NiMH batteries.All rechargeable type batteries are supplied in a literally dead, or with lipol apartially charged state for safe transport, and must be charged before first use to ensure longevity

1. As supplied, the battery has a "chemical" charge only.
If the battery were to be charged before despatch ex factory, it would be flat before it hit the retailer's shelf.
2. NiMH do not reach full capacity until after at least the third use (charge).
3.NiCD were reasonably forgiving in the event of overcharge / overdischarge / hard knocks but NiMH are not. Majority of NiMH cells have a shorter life span thanwe used to expect of NiCads, best never to exceed 1c or one hour charge rate.
4. Black wire corrosion is just as much if not more evident in NiMH than was experienced with NiCad.

When Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) was introduced in the early 1990s, much was made of its memory-free status.NiMH do suffer from crystal build up also known as "memory" but to a lesser extent than NiCd. No proven research is known that specifies best maintenance except all concur that repeated cycling of NiMH is not recommended because of the shorter service life.
NiMH were introduced solely to satisfy the EU "Greenies" as under the changed CE regulations, it was to become to expensive to continue with the supply and then subsequentreturn to anddisposal by the supplierof thepoisonous NiCD cells. NiCad are still allowed for use by emergency & medical services in lieu of NiMH.

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