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Default RE: District X Election

Dear District X Members,

I've received the final vote count from our President Dave Mathewson. It was a close one. Jim won the election by 34 votes. The results are;

Jim Giffin 1677
Lawrence Tougas 1643
Write-Ins 4
Invalid ballots 78

Total votes cast 3402

I don't think it could have been much closer. In fact Dave Mathewson told me it was the closest election ever in his memory. It was so close that the AMA paid the accounting firm in charge of tabulating the results to recount the votes; Jim won both tallies.

I want to wish Jim, and our Associate Vice-Presidents godspeed. I'm sure we're going to have a lot of great things happening in District X over the next three years. I plan to make myself available to assist the District and the AMA as a whole in any way I can.

Thank you to all who voted for me. I want to thank all of the people who supported me both individuals and entire clubs. Your backing was critical, I could not have done one-tenth as well without your help. I also want to thank Dave Mathewson our AMA President who kept me fully informed throughout the election, and gave me full faith and confidence in the integrity of the results.

I started this process not having any idea what I was getting involved in. I can tell you I am happy I ran. I met many dedicated modelers, traveled the District seeing some exciting events, and benefited in many ways.

I want to close by wishing my AMA Brothers and Sisters a joyous Holiday Season, and the best modeling ever in 2010.

Lawrence Tougas
AMA 247032