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Default RE: District X Election

ORIGINAL: ltougas

Dear District X Members,

I've received the final vote count from our President Dave Mathewson. It was a close one. Jim won the election by 34 votes. The results are;

Jim Giffin 1677
Lawrence Tougas 1643
Write-Ins 4
Invalid ballots 78

Total votes cast 3402

I don't think it could have been much closer. In fact Dave Mathewson told me it was the closest election ever in his memory. It was so close that the AMA paid the accounting firm in charge of tabulating the results to recount the votes; Jim won both tallies.


Lawrence Tougas
AMA 247032
Congratulations Lawrence. That is a fantastic showing against an incumbent. You will at least have some folks "checking six" every time they do something or fail to do something as the case may be.

You're on your way!