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Default December 7th 2009

Today is the 68th year since the attack on our nation,let's remember those men who gave their all so many years ago.And on this day I hope many Americans will say a prayer for all the young men and women going in harms way to defend our nation from another attack by radical Islam,terrorist,and all the threats in this world.Pray also for our leaders who seem to of lost their will to fight,instead as they are continuing to debate over issues that can ruin the every day lives of the average American's,when they should be focused on protecting our economy,and our way of life.Today of all days we should be focused on just how much we stand to lose if we don't support our young people in harms way,and focus on the real issues that threatin to undermine the very fabric of our way of life,I hope and pray we do not lose another young life in this war.But we must FIGHT TO WIN,WITH EVERY WEAPON WE HAVE,GOD BLESS AMERICA