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I went to the 50th anniversary of Pearl. I got to talk to a lot of vets from the Arizona, Utah, California,New Jersey and many other ships. The strange part while talking to them you could see in their eyes that day. The day that will live in infamy. They were reliving it. Telling me how they saw the faces of the Japs as they flew by. The torpedoes as they were launched at there ships. The explosions, the chaos, the screaming and bodies. Some got into real graphic tales. Most would tear up. Just listening to them first hand gave me the weirdest feelings inside. I have video of the day. The guys, the parade and the honors given to them for what they went through and came back and did for us. For are freedom. And to top it off I got to fly in a Texas AT-6 on Dec. 7 the same route the Japs took towards Pearl. How from up there Pearl was so wide open and so easy to do what they did with such high success, but we showed them. What a day, a day I will not forget a day to me that will live infamy.
Sad to say most I met there are probably gone now. May they rest in peace and know they didn't die in vein.