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Default RE: Cheapest RC Pilot Out There

A few years ago we had a member who would not buy anything other than the engine, fuel and radio gear (usually used), He scratch built some really strange planes with Ash wood that was scraps from I think a furniture shop, His fuel tanks were hand lotion bottles, His fuel pump was a old windex bottle with a tube glued into the nozzle for real, and when ever he fueled up just walk away because fuel went every place, And the oddest was the wheels he used, He said they where the bottoms of oatmeal containers laminated with epoxy. He had some really interesting designes for planes and a few of them flew ok but most didn't fair so well. He was a nice guy but cheapest person I ever met. OH and his covering was a large roll of thin mesh thrown out by a fabrics company in the next city over, He got a huge roll of it and doped it to the planes.