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Default RE: Cheapest RC Pilot Out There

Hi BillyFLoyd, hey, don't worry, that 3rd rock from the sun sometimes has this characteristic to jump into the air and knock a flying plane clean out of it's flight path.........they explained it to me once over a couple of beers.... all I came remember was it has something to do with the alignment of the sun, moon, Jupiter and the plane.......... whether it is correct or not, the fact remains that planes get knocked out of the sky... you will have your experience too....... Cheers

Talking about tight pilots. I know a guy that don't fly that much, his fuel is around 8 years old and by now certainly attracted moisture. He believes filtering the fuel with filterpaper to get rid of the moisture. Needless to say his engine don't run well at all and cuts out. I have never heard this before as moisture is extremely difficult to get out of methanol, if not impossible by normal means. Probably absorbing the oil onto the paer if anything.