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Default Giving the LMH another try

Hello, this is my first post on here. For day's, I've been doing a lot of reading, absorbing and trying to learn the valuable info you guy's know. See, a few year's ago, I purchased a Corona, Trex 450 SE V-2, Logo 10 3D (with a lot of upgrades), & a Logo 10 that's still in the box with no electronic's yet. As dumb as it may sound, the Trex is the only heli that I ever hovered to any extent (it came about 80% RTF). I bought all that, & tools, before I even learned to fly one heli. What little I did learn, I have pretty much forgotten. Looking back, I must have had a heck of a lot more money than I do now. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my past failure's, but I would appreciate some help from you guy's. Currently, I'm practicing with the Realflight G-2. I believe that the Corona would be the best bet at getting started again, right? I will tear it down, rebuild it, and oil bearings, etc.. One thing I've already read on here, was that I had the wrong pinion gear. I used the 9T, which was wrong. No wonder I couldn't get lift!!! Here is what I have to work with;

Motor = Hacker C40-12T
ESC = Hacker Jeti Master 40-3P
Servo's = two HS 85MG's
Tail = Futaba GY240 (I could take a 401 off another heli if needed)
Crutch = Matts Carbon Stealth
Batteries = two 8-cell GP3300's, which may not even be good nowhardly used
Upgrades = 5mm titanium shaft, carbon flybar, feathering plate, tail boom, tail servo mount, & metal boom clamp & boom-strike protector from Chopper 1

I know, I'm an idiot for not learning with a stock Corona. But, that's in the past, this is what I have now. If the batteries are toast, should I start with Liporemember I'm poorer than I used to belol. I even considered buying another stock Corona. But I already have more heli's than Ishould (plus my wife would kill me). Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. I really appreciate it, thanks, Steve.