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Default RE: Giving the LMH another try

Hello, TIA, thanks for your response.  As far as selling the Corona, that is another option I considered.  Yes, parts are becoming more difficult.  But, what makes me consider it even more is that with the expensive crutch & all the upgrades, using my Corona for practice will not be inexpensive to crash.  It could actually cost more.  Also, what practice I did have was mostly with the CP heli's.  I'm going to seriously consider selling it.  Right now most people probably don't have a lot of money to buy it though, being that it's Christmas.  I know some of the upgrades, like the metal stuff, I paid a lot for & people won't want to pay much.  On the other hand, upgrades such as the Delrin tail gear-box, & a lot of the good older blades that have never been used, would be popular.  Are you interested in buying it?  If I sell it, it would have to be everything or nothing.  For instance, I don't want to be stuck with expensive Crutch because I sold enough parts to be unable to fly it.    My heli stuff is in storage containers.  So, as far as what I have for the Corona, I would have to look.  I know there's a lot.  I spent wildly on extra parts.  Once again thanks, & if anyone that happens to read this really wants my Corona & all the stuff, let me know, I assure you that you would get a good deal.  Thanks again, Steve.