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Default RE: Giving the LMH another try

Hi TIA, I checked out your planes.  WOW! Those are monsters!  You can't get any cooler than that.  If I had it to do all over again, I might start with planes (not like yours, of course).  At least my understanding of radio, etc., would be much better.  Also, it's amazing how many planes there are to choose from.  Whereas, with heli's, it seems to jump from toy, to major expense, with no middle ground.  Yes, you make sense.  I need to move forward with what I have while taking into consideration availability.  I think what I'm going to do is get all the Corona-related things together, put it on Ebay, and get rid of it. 
You answered a question which I was wondering about, that being with our present economy, the heli field has to be suffering too.  I can relate to what you said about your Vibe.  My Logo 10 3D has well over two grand in it, with all the upgrades I bought.  But, that heli I wish to be my number one heli in the future after learning to fly  the Stock Logo 10 I have yet to take out of the box.   What bums me out is wondering if my TP 5-cell Lipo is still good.  It costed over $300.00 for that pack.  It was used one time and barely left the ground.  I kept it put away in the basement safely, but at full charge.  As soon as I dig out my volmeter, it'll be interesting to see at least that part of it.  What Heli's do you have?  Later, Steve.