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Default RE: Cheapest RC Pilot Out There

Why is it frowned upon to pick through wreckage looking for parts? Are [some of] you guys to proud to use old stuff? When someone crashes and leaves the pile of plane there, I usually pick through it and take the control horns, pushrod tubes, and just about everything that isn't balsa. I hate having to ask for parts out at the field or a get together when I just feel like bringing the plane and a glow ignitor, especially when it leads to watching some smug ******* dig through a box full of new crap and say "hmm, well I dont have any thing to give ya... sorry". Half my parts have come from wreckage, so I dont mind handing the crap out by the handfull... hell, I have even given out engines I have found (haha, I love when someone says "bring me the receiver and servos, you can have the rest"). And leave them in the parking area in a pile? so the wind blows the covering and balsa all over the place? personally, I like my runway free of garbage... and I appreciate it when people pick their exploded plane up and put it in the garbage can so conveniently placed. I personally have taken crashed planes home and rebuilt them... of course they never fly right, but they are still fun, and you wont cringe so much when you lawn dart the thing.