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Default RE: Cheapest RC Pilot Out There

ORIGINAL: on_your_six

Spring is coming... I would like everyone to keep their eyes pealed for that next level of ''recycling'' and report back. Oh the DA-50 marking was classic... kudos

I will be watching a particular pilot, cuz I know I can depend on him for a good laugh. Heck, I dig reusable stuff out of my own untimely deaths, but there is a limit to how far I will go. I encourage you to proceed without limits.

Has anyone built an aircraft out of free materials like the coffee stirrers at Starbucks? Ooops wrong crowd... you guys would never buy a $7.00 latte. How many guys grab the catchup cups at Mickey Ds for epoxy? I know you cheep b....ds eat there.
Hey Six, been skimping on your English spelling lessons lately old chap........
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