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Default RE: Electric Retracts From E-flite

ORIGINAL: John Redman

Hi guys,

To answer a few questions here.

A 74° set for FW-190's is probably out of the question. I sincerely doubt there are enough sales to warrant designing a set for this application. I really wish there were, just the true reality of it.

We currently do not have a 110° nose gear that would fit forhte B-25. Another area where would therre be enough demand to warrant the cost. Not real sure.

You cannot design a set of these to have multiple retract angle, just is not possible. The retract angle is set by the rotation point and side frame runners. So each and every angle you want woudl require a special set.

As for withstanding the test of time.... Pneumatics are great and have been around for a long time. But the modelers of today seem to desire the Plug and Play concept. I do believe these will give the Pneumatics a real run for their money over time. Also the support from HH isn't a bad thing either. So I would partially agree that in a few years the older mechanical and pneumatics could become another thing of the past.
John - is this why you/ H9 don't offer offset retracts for your mustangs? H9 seems to think its too expensive to make them even semi-scale? It certainly is possible to design retracts that have the correct retract angles, as Robart and others have done. If you did that you would have a competitive advantage - even if you offered it as an extra cost option people would pay for that option I'm sure.

If you don't bother with these features you won't compete very well with the pneumatic retracts. How well you compete with mechanicals will depend on the pricing of these electric retracts.