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Default RE: High temp shutdown PST1300R

The probe must have been pushed in during the storage handling. Answers in Bold below.

1) for the flame out at 800 deg C, was this a over temp shut down? YES

2) Were we correct to had readjusted the thermocouple to get lower temperatures? what is the appropriate lenght of thermocouple that should had been inserted into the engine? 2mm insertion. You are correct to readjust the EGT probe, however, the technique was not correct since there wasn't enough spring tension which allowed the probe to spring out.

3) I think I had seen a pic of a PST engine (i think was the 1600R) where the thermocuple tip is held by a small clip that is bolted onto the exhaust nozzle. Is this available for the 1300R? Can I buy the clip and install it myself? You need to drill the tail cone in order to insert the probe securing clip. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Sorry to hear about the damage...B777