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Default RE: Scale poseable pilot making

Hi Brad, yes, I haven't forgotten you -you're still on the list It was a 1/5th Spitfire wasn't it? We were talking about Ben Affleck, is that still what you're thinking or do you have someone else in mind? Did you happen to see James May's "Toy Stories" on SBS a couple of Friday nights ago? He made a 100% Airfix Spitfire kit and had himself modelled as the pilot.

What sort of head wear do you want - scale head gear or a cap - send a pic of what you're after. It'll be interesting to see how much lighter the 1/5 scale body is, I plan to use thinner wire. The body mould hasn't been done for that size yet.

We've had weeks of torrential rain which has stopped us getting out to our day job a lot but it's been fantastic to get some time to do these modelling projects. We're really over the rain now tho!

Mick, we'll have to catch up some time. I'd be interested to hear what projects you have in mind for me We got the CD of the Boomerang pics too btw, thanks for that, it's been really useful.