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John Baligrodzki
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Default RE: Scale poseable pilot making


As with the other responses I am completely impressed with your work. The second pilot in particular. It is astonishing the likeness and how real he looks.

As for price, if I was building a 1/3 scale Fokker Triplane, and was really scaling this bird out and wanted a Richtoven pilot of yours I would pay $250.00 + shipping for him.

I would think that if a scale purist needed a particular but obscure pilot the cost would be more. The question becomes how much more would they pay. I don't know.

Thinking about this, could you offer the option of unpainted versions that the builder could paint if they wanted? Also you may consider just selling the head/neck and the builder could come up with the rest.

Also, as these figures would be in a scale model you generally would not see much below above the waist. I would put the most detail into the head, and as I move down the body have less and less detail until you get to the waist. For me if you can't see it very well it does not need as much fine detail. If there is excellent detail at the top of the body a person might assume that this level of detail extends all the way to the feet when in fact it does not. (Unfortunately scale judges do not fall under this catagory!)

This is just my 2 cents worth. Again my thanks for presenting your talent and creativity for everyone to see.


John B.