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Default RE: Scale poseable pilot making

Hi and thanks for the comments and input John and Bryan. It is most appreciated.

It sounds as though the real attraction is the recognizable, interesting faces. We could offer the head/neck on it's own as suggested for sure, even unpainted. As a thought, what about the head and a moulded-to-the-waist body, in uniform, as a cheaper option - under $100 so that the interesting, recognizable face is still there? That after all would be the main part seen. That would eliminate the need for the body altogether but it also eliminates the poseability.

There may be those that still would want the fully poseable pilots and we will continue to make them for ourselves regardless. But as there's a whole list of famous historic aviators that I'd like to do over time it's a way of offering these to people at an affordable price. Since we'll be making arms, hands, gloves, boots etc for ourselves, they could be purchased seperately if someone wants to make up their own creation from the parts. We can certainly offer all the bits as a kit unpainted as well as modellers do like to paint and finish things themselves.

I got my clay out today and had a play with making a shirt and detail onto one of the busts then did a moulding off that and it turned out really well! And it was such fun. I haven't done any sculpting for years so it took a bit to condition the clay back up. The faces were the hard bit but if that was done I could just add the uniform. Food for thought, let me know what you think.

We have also redone Eric, the one with the hat. He was too big and as one of the earlier ones, his face wasn't as good. It's been reworked and will be recut so that will be interesting to see the new Eric. I've added a moustache worthy of his reputation this time After all, it featured in the nose art.

And Mr Italy - you can certainly be first in the list. Just let me know which pilot you want and I'll give you my paypal account