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Default RE: Safer EZ-Connectors

They work fine on throttle and nosewheel stearing on my .40-1.40 sport and pattern models. I use them for no other reason than they are fine (and easy) for the applications. I am aware that they will pobably fail at some point of time but I am willing to take the risk on my nosewheel steering and throttle. In my pylon racers I don't have nosewheel steering to wory about but I do worry about this type of throttle conection. After some risk evaluation, and having several failures, I no longer use them on my pylon racers for throttle. I use a z bend at the servo.

I have heard many, many modelers tell us of the extreme steps they take to minimize the risk of failure, allowing them to use them on primary flight control components. A level of risk, inherent in the design, is still there.

Bottom Line: Most would agree they work fine on throttles and nose gears. It's subjective bejond that.