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Default *** Ultra Sport Brotherhood ***

Ok, we all know that Minnflyer and Iare great fans of the Ultra Sport planes (40, 60, & 1000). For those that don't know this, Mike and Icampaigned Great Planes for almost 3 years in order to get the to bring back the Ultra Sport kits. Since that time that it's been back on the market many people have taken the plunge and have purchased and built an Ultra Sport. The reaction to their first flight is almost universal. Almost everybody falls instantly in love with this plane, and after one flight they understand why Mike and Iwent to so much effort to get this plane back on the market.

So, Mike and have been talking and we think that it's time for us to all join together behind the plane that we all love so much. We are starting here the Ultra Sport brotherhood. This group is dedicated to those that have flown this plane and now understand why we call this the best flying sport plane ever built!! To join just post here, or send a PMto Mike and Iand we will get you your USB(Ultra Sport Brotherhood)number. We ask that all proudly display their Ultra Sport Brotherhood # in their signature lines. Let's all tell the world about this great plane and bring more into the brotherhood!!!

Ultra Sport Brotherhood Members List
1. Ken Isaac - RCKen
2. Mike Buzzeo - Minnflyer
3. Alex7403
4. Dash008
5. AH1G
6. tschuy
8. Box car
9. Top Gunn
10. SeaJay
11. Crash Campbell
12. SKYHI1
13. ChuckW