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Default DLE 20cc Gasser! (Data & Links 1st Post)

OK, went out and flew the DLE20 this evening, it's an excellent runner especially for it's size. The SD Models 60" profile it was in weighed 7 lbs. 15 ounces dry. The 6 ounce fuel tank I used will run for 10 minute flight and still be 1/3 full. When was the last time you could fly all weekend on 1/2 gallon of fuel? Took some thrust numbers on the props I posted RPMs on the other day. I'm sure there may be some other props that might produce a little more but I used what I had laying around the test bench, should be enough to get a pretty good idea of what it'll do.

APC Sport 16x7 9000 RPM 14lbs. 7oz.

JXF Beech 16x8 8300 13lbs. 10oz.

JXF Beech 17x7 7970 13lbs. 12oz.

SY 16x8 850013lbs. 5oz.

SY 17x8N820014lbs. 9oz.

So far it's running like a watch and I haven't exactly been nice to it either, 3 hrs on a test stand and another hour on a plane tonight in only about 3/4 of a gallon of gas. I'll get some video soon, the videographer had to put his skirt on tonight for the wife at the last minute.

It weighs 29.2 ounces with everything, more power than a CRRC Pro 26 or a Saito 1.25 and has unique timing curve in the Rcexl ignition that lets it idle at 1500 RPM. I'll try to get some thrust numbers with a couple props then also. Should just be able to make out the tach reading in the last picture of it idling at 1410.

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The DLE20 requires 32:1 minimumfuel/oil ratio, read the manual. We administrate the DLE warranty for Aeroworks, if your engine has a failure and inspection reveals that the factory recommended oil raio could have prevented it it would not be covered under warranty.

EDIT UPDATE: Added this collection of data at Jody's request
ORIGINAL: a1pcfixer

Recapping the bits & pieces of info on this new engine, here's the
DLE 20cc gas engine details (misc updated info added).......

[Basic Info]

Advertised weight: 29.2 oz with ign. and muffler
Prop range: 16 X 8 to 18 X 6
Rear Carb
Beam style mount
DLE20cc mfg stated - compression ratio 10.5:1
Tower Hobbies - compression ratio 7.6:1


Motor mount bolt spacing is 1'', case width is 1-7/8''

Center to center spacing on engine bolts is 2.400"

Distance from firewall to prop washer is 5-11/16''

From the center of the rear mounting hole to the edge of the open choke valve is 2-5/16''

Distance from propeller hub to the front of the cylinder: 42 mm

Width of cylinder at exhaust port: 56 mm

Distance from the center line to the top of spark plug cap: 120 mm
(with spark plug cap fully inserted).

Prop shaft size : M8 x1.0 mm (w/two nuts)


Stock muffler dimensions;

2.260" tall @ end caps - 3.800" incl exh pipe
1.100" thick out from exh port of eng
2.050" wide @ end caps

Pitts style muffler (optional);

Jtec wrap around muffler.......

J'tec Muffler Dimensions.....

[Ignition info]

Stock sparkplug is a made in China CM-6 type (DLE 3)
Valley View R/C will include true NGK/CM-6
Electronic auto advance ignition
Ignition is a new model (#3- or- #4) and special designed for this engine.
DLE recommended voltage range 4.8-6.0 volts
A 4-cell NiMh/NiCd of 1650-2000mAh is a good starting point

The manuals on Tower's website incorrectly state the timing as 45 deg. BTDC. The DLE factory does indeed attempt to set the timing at 32* on all their engines, with varying degrees of success, they run best set at 28-30. The ignitions for the rear carbed 30 and the 20 do have a different timing curve with more retard to help them idle better, the full advance and static timing is the same as all the rest, 28-30 BTDC.

[Ignition current consumption + ign voltage issues]

Ignition draw + Voltage issues......

Ignition current consumption.....

[Prop Data]:

APC Sport 16x7 9000 RPM 14lbs. 7oz.
JXF Beech 16x8 8300 13lbs. 10oz.
JXF Beech 17x7 7970 13lbs. 12oz.
SY 16x8 8500 13lbs. 5oz.
SY 17x8N 8200 14lbs. 9oz.

Vess 17x6 14lb. 8oz. - Great throttle response and crappy tach showed 8549RPM
Vess 17x8 14lb. 0oz. - Great throttle response only slightly less RPM than 17x6
Vess 18x6 14lb. 3oz. - Above average throttle response, may be perfect when fully broken in
Vess 16x8 13lb. 9oz. RPM through the roof (by ear) and instant throttle response spools up like an electric motor!

Zinger 16x8 - stinks, no power, way low on thrust
APC 17x4W 3D prop - decent but the idle transition was terrible, 9700 rpm!
Xoar 16x8 - Good prop but not as much thrust on the high end as the next one...
Xoar 17x6 - Hands down the best prop so far. Great punch out of hover, great top end, improved low end but more to come on this....

MA K-series 15x8 2 blade- 13lbs 11oz @ 9750 rpm.
MA K-series 15x10 2 blade- 12lbs 13oz @ 8400 rpm.
Xoar 15x8- 13lbs 5oz @ 9000 rpm.
The MA 15x8 and Xoar 15x8 have unbelievable throttle response

MA K-series 15x6 3-blade 13.0lbs @ 9100 rpm

NO thrust numbers for 4-blade props....YET!


[link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCHXY6_w6RY]Jody Haack - test flight video......[/link]

[link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZRdtZxxQP0]Test run of DLE20cc......[/link]

[link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBwqL9AIJ1U]First bench run (mpascualslp).......[/link]

[link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkwr_jc9HVA]and the engine response after 1 hour (mpascualslp)......[/link]

FUNTANA 125 WITH DLE 20.....


DLE20cc engine dissasembled photos......

Exhaust diverter.....

Link to ALL photos on this DLE20cc msg thread......

[Interesting comments]

same mount size as OS 1.20

a 20cc is a drop in replacement for .90 to 1.20 size four stroke

more power than a CRRC Pro 26 or a Saito 1.25 (Saito FG-20/gasser)

20cc = 1.20 c.i.
30cc = 1.80 c.i.

The Jtech {muffler} is supposed to be quieter {than the stock one}
and that is important to me

When propping aerobatic planes the most important engine aspect to
consider {is} the torque curve, peak torque comes in at approximately
3/4 of the peak HP RPM, so you want a prop that loads the engine in
a manner that takes advantage of that RPM band, typically these are
the larger props in an engines acceptable use range.

prop the engine for the performance you want for the airframe it's
mounted on, forget about the "break in prop" they are unnecessary


Valley View R/C; 1 year
Tower Hobbies; 2 years

[Ordering info....]

[link=http://www.valleyviewrc.com/DLE-20cc%20Gas%20Engine.htm]Valley View RC.....[/link]

[link=http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXAEPW&P=ML]DLE20cc @ Tower Hobbies.......[/link]

[Owners manual]

[link=http://images.rcuniverse.com/forum/upfiles/22988/Ig11581.pdf]DLE20cc Factory Manual.....[/link]

[link=http://manuals.hobbico.com/dle/dleg0020-manual.pdf]DLE20cc Tower manual.....[/link]

Jody's gas engine tuning tips (pdf files);

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