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Default Sig Mid Star 40 Build Thread

Hi all,

I’m building a Sig Mid Star and seeing as I’ve had so much enjoyment reading all your build threads I thought I’d repay the favour with one of my own.

A quick bit of background information –

I’ve not flown for 3 years, and haven’t pinned a part to a board for more than 4 years. The hiatus hasn’t been because I didn’t want to fly, but due to the fact I relocated to the UK several years ago – had to leave all my airplanes behind and life hasn’t allowed me to get back to the hobby until now.

I was an OK sports flyer before the break and am hoping I can get my wings back without needing a trainer – the Mid Star should provide a suitable platform for this and a good air frame to transition back into aerobatic low wings with.


I’ve considered several modifications to the original design based off of what I’ve read on RCU as follows:

- Dual aileron servos

- Tail dragger conversion

- Enlarged control surfaces

- Cowling the engine

- One wing bay clipped

- Dihedral removed

I’m going to do the dual ailerons and tail dragger conversion – I think this will make for a better airplane. The wing and control surfaces I’m otherwise going to leave stock – if I need bigger control surfaces they can always be retro fitted but to be honest I don’t think I need them for the purpose and I’d prefer to keep slow landings and stability while getting my chops back so the wing will otherwise be stock.

Cowling the engine is something I really want to do, but I’d also like to get back on the sticks ASAP so don’t want to add additional build time – undecided at this stage.


I’ve got a Super Tigre GS-45 and an OS FX 45 – both will do the job and are more than enough power obviously. Will probably use the ST and save the OS for my next model.


I’m using wood glue as opposed to CA where possible – and epoxy where required. The is my first time using wood glue, previously I used CA as my patience wouldn’t allow waiting for glue to dry – this had an impact on build quality! I will be patient this time!

I’m planning to take plenty of photos and post them as I really enjoy looking at photos of other builds as they take shape – I also promise I’ll finish the build and it won’t die!