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Default RE: Sig Mid Star 40 Build Thread

ORIGINAL: Sukhoi_Madness

Here is a shot of my building environment.

Previously I had a full workshop with every tool under the sun – this time I’ll be working with a very basic setup and as we live in a small apartment I’m literally building in our hallway – isn’t the misses going to be pleased when she get’s home.

Aside from a drill and covering equipment this is more or less my complete workshop.
I once built a Mid Star on the dining room table. Had to move everything to eat.The taildragger is an option that's shown in the kit and makes the plane lighter. I never put 2 servos in the wings on one, never thought it needed 2, just more expense and weight.

The plane will fly quite slowly as designed but removing the dihedral will cause it to need more speed landing. Same with removing a wing bay. It will still land slower than many planes however.

I'd think you should have fun building and flying this plane. Best of luck.