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Default RE: Sig Mid Star 40 Build Thread

The mid star is a very good airplane to build and to fly!
built two midstars one is still flying very well even after two nose in concrete stubborn airplane.
build it as tail dragger it balances better but the supplied tail wheel bracket is a bad idea I used the sullivan instead.
you really dont need to enlarge the control surfaces on the midstar, I rated them down so the rolls will be a bit slower.
its better to get the GP hinge slot machine other wise it can be difficult.
the supplied nylon nyrods expand with heat I used sullivan composites in the existing sleeves.
cowled engine IMO once you have a canopy on any airplane it attracts all attention first, now to fuel and deal with the engine and its cowl....
the midstar designed for flying and torture - simple rugged and very beautiful the pictures dont do it justice.