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Default RE: Sig Mid Star 40 Build Thread

Some more progress –

Finished installing all of the ribs for the first wing half including a paper tube for the aileron wire.

I made a bit of a mess of the holes in the ribs for the tube – I bought a brand new 12mm drill bit to make sure it was nice and sharp and tapped the ribs together for drilling. The two W2 ribs drilled out fine with a nice neat circle but the drill bit chewed into the W1 ribs causing the holes to be less than neat. No real damage but little imperfections annoy me.

I’ve since read a post where the builder used a piece of sharpened metal pipe with a right angle bend at the top for a handle to cut out perfect circles for this purpose – I’ll remember that one!

Also, was saved by the wood glue today (I’m sure it won’t be the last time). I glued the final inboard rib in without inserting the paper tube – there would have been no way of inserting this had the final wing rib been in place. I realised my mistake and was able to remove the rib before the glue dried!