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Default RE: Macs Bolt-Through Muffler


I have several of these MAC's one piece mufflers and they stand out from the engine a good ways. I never had any problem with them on my models

The MAC's one piece muffler is very light weight and about as trouble free as a muffler can be.

You will find that your engine has good fuel draw with this muffler and will start easy, be easy to adjust and stay running

However, your rpm will be down some 3 or 400 rpm compared with the original ST muffler depending on the prop used.
I agree with the above comments, a very good well made attractive muffler with an acceptable noise level. I have one on a Super Tigre G45 ABC and it swings a 10 X 6 APC prop at 13.8K. I really have not had the need to see if it produces less RPM than the OEM ST muffler, because I like it so much better.