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Default RE: Carl Goldberg Ultimate 10-300 Brotherhood.

Colin, that tree line is over 1/4 mile away, so I never get real close to them. The zoom on my son's camera just brought those trees closer than they really are. He took the pics, and yes he does a good job at it; he'll be happy you guys like the shots.

Scott, sounds like you built your first Ultimate before I did! Welcome to the Brotherhood. I'd freak if someone killed one of my planes with a dumb move like that. To prevent that from happening NOW, I recently switched my Ultimate over to 2.4. I also replaced the single aileron servo with a new, stronger one, and switched the 4.8V pack to 6V...I have done that battery switch on virtually all my planes. I only fly one 72 plane now, a DLG.

Keep up the good work, Alfred...this is FUN like it should be. Jon