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12 volt battery charging...

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Default 12 volt battery charging...

I have my first 12 volt 7Ah torqmaster battery for my electric starter.

How often must this battery be charged with my overnight charger?

please reply,

big dan
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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

when i first got mine i charged it for twelve hours, after that charge it for eight hours when it gets low.
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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

I charge mine with a regular car battery charger. Works much faster, and a more thorough charge--since that little wal-ward barely puts out 12 V.
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Ken Erickson
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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

I do mine with a 300 mA wall unit about every other month. As Instructor, I start a lot of student planes with it. A day or two with that little charger does the trick.

Ken, AMA 19352
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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

ive destroyed a battery for leaving it on the wall wart and plus having one sit too long with very little charge. 2slow2matter has the right path. I use the Battery Tender JR, which you can get all the local car parts store. It contantly monitors the voltage in the battery and puts a charge to the battery to reach the optimum voltage. More like a fire and forget. Once i get back from the field i just hook it up and leave it alone. Im guarenteed to have a full battery when im ready to go out again. Very worth the 20+ dollars.

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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

The more you keep it charged the longer it will last. So I would recommend that you keep it fully charged. I usually charge mine at 14.5 volts and when charged drop the voltage to 13 volts. I then leave it at this voltage indefinitely. The current is usually less than 50ma.
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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

I made a cord to plug in to my cigarette lighter. This goes thru the cab of my pickup out to the flight box. I just plug in the battery to top it up on the way to the field. The auto charging system is regulated better than anything but a top of the line wall charger, and if anybody at the field has a flat battery I can just toss 'em the charger cable. There is a fuse in the lighter plug (and another on the lighter circuit), so there is little danger of damage to the auto wiring. My last gel cell lasted for 5 years.
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Default RE: 12 volt battery charging...

It is very easy to ruin your gell cell, easiest way is to deep discharge it and the other is to overcharge it. Check out Red's for some good advice on how to charge and care for all types of batteries. The above suggestion to use a battery tender is very good and the safest way.

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