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New from Wisconsin

Beginners Beginners in RC start here for help.

New from Wisconsin

Old 11-09-2020, 12:55 PM
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Default New from Wisconsin

Hi all, Iím just getting started and looking to buy and learn to fly my first electric plane. Iím not a complete novice- Iím not a pilot, but Iíve taken the controls and done turns in real light airplanes. Iíve also spent many hours at my computer on Microsoft flight Sims. But I do know enough to start with a trainer. My preference is for one that looks like a real plane. Looking for recommendations on what to buy and wner
to get it. The last remaining hobby shops in our area donít have much to choose from
so Iíll likely need to order online
Old 11-11-2020, 04:28 PM
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Welcome to the hobby!

The best thing you can do before getting an RC plane is use a simulator, there are some really nice ones like (Ex:RealFlight or Phoenix) but this depends on your budget.

There is a free Phone App called AbsoluteRCSim which is good for basic introduction to the controls and orientation issues. If you can manage to fly methodically and land constantly using this app then you have learned something. It's certainly harder than you think, but free to practice. The real sims are much better because you use an actual controller, instead of a touch screen, but the principals remain the same.

I've also flown real planes in the past, and unfortunately the skills don't translate. The basics of aerodynamics remains similar but the controls are different and become opposite when the plane changes direction. Some have said RC planes are hard to fly then real because of the orientation and lack of feel.

Finding and joining a club would be a great first step, but if there are not any in your area then you'll need to find a huge wide open field. If there is a tree or house the plane will find a way to hit it. Haha

With regards to first plane, your best bet will be something like a Aeroscout, or Bixler are great flyers that handle crashes and rough landings really well. I made the mistake of starting with a scale model cessna, with clear windows and lights, real nice plane... but i spent 10x more time fixing then i did flying. Issue was that the plane was heavy and would stall quickly at low speeds... I learned a lot, but if I did it again I'd probably go with a Spektrum based beginner plane. I say Spektrum because they make nice Transmitters and there are lots of planes available that you can keep using the controller with.

The E-flite Apprentice STS 1.5m could be a nice blend of beginner/scale look plane.

I said a lot, but hopefully its helpful, keep us posted and good luck!
Old 11-12-2020, 12:32 PM
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Okay, as someone that's been a long time R/Cer, I'm going to agree and disagree with the "Cowboy".
First off, since you've been spending time on a sim, the question is how did you control the plane on the sim? Did you use an actual R/C remote style controller or a keyboard/mouse interface? This is important since, if you used a keyboard & mouse, the eye/hand coordination is totally different than using an actual R/C style controller.
Flying a full sized plane doesn't translate to an R/C. You can feel and see what the plane is doing from the inside, not so with an R/C. Even with a FPV set up, you can see but not feel what is going on.
Now, as for your aircraft, there are several out there. Don't get too hung up on looks as many "scale like" planes are not good to learn with. I've seen where people will compare that to giving the keys to a Mustang or Camaro with a big V-8 and 5(or more) speed manual transmission to a 16 year old that is just learning to drive. The eye/hand/foot coordination and knowledge just isn't there to drive that kind of car. A scale looking airplane is the same way. Let me throw a few that I would consider at you:
The first one is basically a ready to go foam plane that comes with everything(as far as I know anyway, might need batteries and a charger)
The second is an assemble the ready to go parts, install a motor, batteries and a sold separate radio and fly. Both of these are minimal work to get into the air
The third is my personal choice, being a build from die cut wood kit. It can be powered by batteries or a nitro fuel engine(all sold separately)
As far as a radio, there's a lot of options not to mention price ranges. For a beginner, if you want to stay in the hobby, I'd look at something like this:
You don't need to be looking at bells and whistles at this point, just something that will get you into the air and give you some room to grow. This radio does that, as well as giving the basics you would need on a second or third plane as well.
If there is a club in your area, I would talk to the people that fly there, get first hand advice and, above all, FIND OUT WHO THE INSTRUCTOR(S) IS/ARE AND SEE IF HE/THEY IS/ARE SOMEONE YOU CAN WORK WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's nothing worse than getting into a class and finding the instructor is a total jerk or not someone you can learn from. I ran into that a while back, in a math class I was taking. The instructor was not someone that could instruct, just talked to the white board and kept saying how he didn't understand how the class couldn't get it. I passed the course thanks to the girl sitting next to me, someone that only took the course because she didn't quite score high enough on the entrance tests for the next level up that both she and I needed for our degrees.

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