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electric vs glow for planes

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electric vs glow for planes

Old 10-28-2005, 09:57 AM
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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

I too noticed there doesn't seem to be any pucker factor when you aren't the one paying the bills, but this kid really can fly!! I was amazed to hear he flew his first trainer 9 months ago, but hey, Pops can afford it he runs a very successfull business, & is currently the Mayor of their small town, and they're having a great time together with it. It's not his fault he took to flying, like a duck to water! So what's the harm? As long as you don't have to fly against him[X(]

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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

ORIGINAL: the_madgenius

So my question is , does your AMA Insurance cover you when you are flying in car parks , school playgrounds , and like places?
Although I am not a spokesman for the AMA, I can answer the question that you have raised. And this is according to the AMA document "Back Side of 2005 Membership Card Carrier", which can be read by clicking on this link [link]http://www.modelaircraft.org/PDF-files/500-J.pdf[/link] .

It simply states that AMA coverage applies ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and is not limited to model flying at contests or on the club field. It even applies to flying at public demonstrations and air shows. The primary stipulation is that failure to comply with the AMA National Safety Code may endanger insurance coverage. Another primary concern is that attention needs to be given to avoid flying near or over groups of people.

So, here ya go.......hope this helps resolve your question. Not being familiar with your country, I have no clue why it wouldn't apply to you mate. If that's the case, then you guys are getting ripped off. By that I mean, what are you paying AMA membership dues for if the insurance is not effective except at the field or events? That would really stink!!!
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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

Ok, here's what I find interesting. The AMA document reference says

AMA coverage applies anytime, anywhere – it is not limited to model flying at contests or on
the club field. It even applies to flying at public demonstrations and air shows. Failure to
comply with the safety code may endanger insurance coverage.
So when I read that I see that the AMA insurance may not cover you if you are not following the safety code. Ok, so let's read the new 2006 safety code and make sure we are complying with it. I see this line in the safety code that worries me

4. At all flying sites a line must be established, in front of which all flying takes place. Only personnel associated with flying the model aircraft are allowed at or in front of the line. In the case of airshows demonstrations straight line must be established. An area away from the line must be maintained for spectators. Intentional flying behind the line is prohibited.
So there is a loophole that could be used for the insurance carrier to not pay in the event of a claim. Will they use the loophole?? Who knows? What I am trying to point out here is don't expect to go anywhere and fly and expect the AMA insurance coverage to cover you. Your best bet is to fly at a club and then you won't have to worry about being covered.

The other problem I have with flying "anywhere" is causing interference with radios at a club. The range with which a radio can safely control the airplane is approximately a mile to a mile and a half. But the distance with which you can cause interference is somewhere along the lines of 3-4 miles. So if you are that distance from a club you could cause problems with their planes. Or if you are flying your plane and you get interference from a flying club and your plane causes damage we are back to the same loopholes listed above in the AMA safety code. This is what is in the safety code about that :
6. I will not knowingly operate my model aircraft within three (3) miles of any preexisting flying site without a frequency-management agreement. A frequency-management agreement may be an allocation of frequencies for each site, a day-use agreement between sites, or testing which determines that no interference exists. A frequency-management agreement may exist between two or more AMA chartered clubs, AMA clubs and individual AMA members, or individual AMA members. Frequency-management agreements, including an interference test report if the agreement indicates no interference exists, will be signed by all parties and copies provided to AMA Headquarters.
Once again, all I am trying to point out is there could be loopholes if you must make a claim. I encourage those that want to fly at places other than a club need to take a few steps of precaution to ensure everything is cool when they fly there.

Old 10-28-2005, 01:23 PM
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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

Loop holes? You bet they will look for any that are available! This is what insurance companies do. And the best thing that all of us can do is to not give them any reason to conjure up any loopholes. So the responsibility of complying with ALL of the Safety Code really relies on us, as pilots and AMA members, so that we do all we can do to keep things safe and help reduce the chance of accidents AND putting our insurance coverage at risk in case an accident occurs.

Establishing a flying line regardless of where you are flying is a requirement acording to the AMA Safety Code......so, this is something that everyone should take in to consideration when flying in public places more especially. Flying at a club field, this line is generally established anyways. Do you think that just because we are flying at an AMA club field that the insurance company would not look for loop holes so they won't have to pay on a claim? Don't kid yourself! This is part of someone's job within the insurance company - to find any excuse not to pay on a claim.

To say that everyone should confine their flying to the club field to be safe is only cheating ourselves and others out of the many places available in which to fly and the opportunity to fly. Our insurance covers us anytime and anywhere so why put this restriction on people that may can only fly in the park or other city owned property?

You have a good point about flying in close proximity to an established club. DON'T! Unless you have spoken to club members and worked out some kind of arrangement otherwise. But, there again, rules have been established in regards to this issue as well. If we do not adhere to them then we cannot expect our insurance to help if an accident occurs.

One primary concern about flying our models is that, no matter where we fly we should always maintain good, safe practices to help reduce the chance of injury to ourselves and others. This is in part why rules have been established. I would think that most mature, responsible pilots can handle this responsibility no matter where they are flying. If pilots choose to ignore the AMA guidelines, whether at the club field or in the park, and an accident occurs, guess what will happen when a claim is filed? It will most certainly be rejected!

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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

With respect to the AMA deal, IMO you should always get permission from the land owner to use the land for RC use. Without permission you might be trespassing and at the very least you are performing an activity not approved by the land owner. If the feces hit the fan and the land owner is sued because they allowed unsafe RC activity on their land, you can be sure the first words out of their lawyers mouth will be to the effect of "My client never approved nor condoned RC activity on their land, nor were they aware is was being used in such a manner." If it is a public area owned by government, it is a bit more tricky as some parks may allow this use, others may not. If it get ugly, more than likely the park will hang you out to dry and make RC officially illegal to avoid future problems. Remember, just because it is a public park doesn't mean you can use it however you like. The good news is that planes which would be typically flown in a public park, private parking lot, etc., have a small potential for serious damage because of their typical small weight/speed/power.

In short, have fun, but be safe and take reasonable precautions and you will be fine.
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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

glow planes and cars and trucks and boats is all i ever did untill i discovered the brushless
and li-po 3dplanes ....i have 200+ on the yak54f flew like a bigger plane but i could do more tricks .....i will never go back to glow power unless its a quique Brio .90 or showtime3d .90
i agree about the sound of nitro its amazing but the gearbox on a brushless can give some effect verses the outrunner that you cant hear at all...... at least try a 3d ep with brushless and 3 cell li-po ........many people who have switched to electric 3d flight are saying they can learn
tricks that they normally would hesitate to attempt on there $1000 glow balsa large scale planes
When I prepare for ETOC04 for first time ever I flew a foamy type airplane and for first time ever I flown indoors. It was a big challenge to designed and compete within 2 weeks
Quique" he won 2nd place with that electric plane [link=http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_3024998/anchors_3743540/mpage_1/key_/anchor/tm.htm#3743540]yak54f info[/link]
i really like this glow plane and if i had alot more money to burn i would buy it [link=http://www.piedmontmodels.com/brio.htm]Quique's Brio glow plane[/link]
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Default RE: electric vs glow for planes

After four other projects now on the bench my plans include a Balsa USA Bristol M1c. 59" span and 5/6# weight. I have ben doing some research on making it fully electric, including the price of power. The brushless motor and ESC will be about $200. How much would be the cost of a four stroke of any quality? About the same. Li-ion batteries will fly the thing about 20 minutes at a time. I seldom fly more than 10 minutes per flight, ergo two flights before recharge unless I want to invest in another battery setup. I've flown the old fashioned can motor/nicad setup for over 25 years. A five minute flight with all those heavy nicads and the can motors were alright in their day, which is past. Just remember to keep your fingers away electric powered props. they start immediately when turned on.
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old threads never die

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