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emax bc2810-12 motor

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Default emax bc2810-12 motor

Hi all.....Its been a while since I've been here but I have a question that I have to rely on experts and someone that knows more than I do about motors.
I have had a plane that had a emax bc2810-12 motor and I loved it. Flew so good with authority. Anyways it went down in Lake Superior and I was not able to retrieve it.
So I've been trying to replace it but the emax bc2810-12 is no longer available. I am not smart enough or know enough to figure out what motor is equivalent now days.
Here are the spec's for the motor. Model: BL2810/12
- No. Of cells: 3X Li-Poly
- RPM/V: 1100
- Max. efficiency: 82%
- Max. efficiency current: >75%
- No load current / 10V: 0.5 A
- Current capacity 38 A/60s
- Dimensions: 30x10 mm
- Shaft diameter: 5 mm
- Weight: 86 g/3.03 oz
- Recommended model weight: 600-1400g
- Recommended prop without gearbox: 11*7; 10*5.5

BL2810 KV=1100 Sample data sheet
Model Voltage Propeller RPM Max Current Max Thrust
BL2810 12.0V 11X5.5 (Thin) 8500 32A 1150g
BL2810 12.0V 11X7 (Thin) 8050 38A 1260g

I sure would be grateful if someone could find a link to an equivalent motor. Thanks in advance.
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Motormass is a rough indicator for max. continuous motor power:
4watt per gram, a safe starting point.
So go for a motor with same or higher mass and about the same Kv.

Kv should not differ too much though, both current and power drawn are proportional to Kv³ Name:  eek.gif
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Silly example: doubling Kv will result in 2³=eight -folding current and power drawn.
Realistic example: an increase by 10% will result in an increase by factor (1.1)³=1.3.

Always measure/check current and power drawn in a new or changed power system.

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