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ct4s accelerating issues

Old 12-31-2006, 04:31 AM
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Default ct4s accelerating issues

ok well iam wondering what factors lead to my problem,
the problem is that when i give the car throttle it wont move, all i see is the fly wheel moving and the 2 speed tranny shaking and slightly moving a bit, but after a while off revving it start's to move.

would anyone know what the problem could be, ive noticed that i didnt have any adjusting shims on next to the fly wheel , could this be the reason for the car not moving. also the flywheel collet has a space through it, looks like a fine line , is this normal.

i have checked the wheel hex hubs and all the hub pins are there so that wasnt the issue.

also doing a test by moving the flywheel, i can make the piston go up but the piston does not go down even after i keep turning the flywheel, does this prove that my flywheel is loose ?

well thx guys

happy new year!! to everyone and teams out there on the forums .
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Default RE: ct4s accelerating issues


if you fly wheel is turning but your piston isn't moving the yes the flywheel is loose. Take out your motor and undo the end bolt take of the bell and clutch shoes then undo the big crank bolt to pull of the fly wheel.

Yes the collet should have a line through it as the flywheel squeezes this gap together so that it can clamp onto the crank.

Check this piece as if the collet is too loose on either the inside on the crank or the outside on the fly then it will slip. test fit these. the collet should be snug on the shaft, still able to be put on by hand but not easilyand their still should be a gap for the fly too compress. next check the contact between the collet and the fly to ensure a good fit their should be some collet sticking out.

Problems may vary it might either be the collet is too small if the fly has been spinning on it or the set-up was simply too loose.

Start putting it together if everything seems to fit then put the collet back on with a bit of lock-tight on in and out (just watch the bearings) then put the fly wheel on and push down hard then with more lock-tight put the sg bolt back on and do it up tight hold the fly in a vice or something for grip.

just finish off assembly asnormal and make sure the clutch shoes are on the right way otherwise they slip

hope this helps
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Default RE: ct4s accelerating issues

how do you no which way the clutch goes on because i have a funfactor and my cars fly wheel has come lose twice so this time i put so much locktite its not funny but i just put the clutch in anyway. it seems to be fine but i would just like to know how you know
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Default RE: ct4s accelerating issues

pull the starter cord, watch the flywheel spin. that tells you the running direction of the motor, make the shoes fit on so the pegs holds the shoes in FRONT of your rotation. ie, you look at the flywheel and it spins counterclockewise when running, then the shoes should go to the flywheel peg, hole left, shoe hanging off to the right when on top of the flywheel.


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