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clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

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clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

Old 07-11-2012, 02:32 PM
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Default clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

well , its is july.. and although the event is in october and we have the AMA sanction... a few sponsors.. we (the cd's , as we seem to be the only ones who seem to want this) have go to decide..ARE we moving forward.
the Host club has somehow felt they are not "marketed" enough and want to make sure we put logos of the club on websites and all flyers. which the flyer does and since the website was changed to save .com it was rushed together and has not been updated tro show a logo.
However the club as a history of using a LARGE logo on everything. To me a extra lage logoon a flyer shows a lack of other more important information.

Now of course the have no policy yet.. on etheir size or placement. And Our intent was to make an event that is known for its name. most people remember the event , not the club hosting it.

one of the other contentions is that the club in its news letters and pictures refersto it as CLUBX's event not the EVENT. wich is not its name.

Now when the club was wanting someone to do something and but on an event... that was fine.. but did they offer any funds..NOPE.. did any staff step up to help in any way?...nope...were they there to stick their hands out if any money was left...YEAP....

Has their been any staff trying to help us out this year...NOPE...

so i am looking for input... as Ifeel why am i doing this.. just pay their dues and fly... stop trying to improve anything...
yeah they (members) complain they want more members and events, but then do nothing but whine etheir way.

thanks, fustrated in tampa
Old 07-11-2012, 04:04 PM
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Default RE: clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

TF, I am sorry you are having these troubles. It sounds like you have a pretty large club with some trying personalities.
I am not in a huge club but do know how difficult it is to make decisions with too many ideas and strong personalities. We are holding our first ever swap meet in December, to make progress easier we nominated a small committee and granted them some funds to use in this persuit. That kept decisions down to the people who were going to be doing the work and not trying to make everyone else happy. The group, 5 people from two clubs, had to get a consensus before any money was spent and the spent money was identified at the next club meeting just for transparency. So far things are going well.

Our events are done by the CD. If anyone has questions, the CD deals with it. If club members want to do something different they need to become a CD and petition the club for an event. Otherwise the CD runs the show. Funds for the event are agreed upon in club meetings, otherwise it comes out of the CD's pocket.

Not that these methods are perfect, but they work for us so far.
Old 07-11-2012, 06:53 PM
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Default RE: clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

I feel your pain. The 20% rule lives and breathes in most clubs. If you can get more that 20% of your clubs membership to actively participate/work at the field and for club events , etc...then you need to go and get a job at the local PBS station because you are a great leader !
Otherwise you have to face the facts that most members will not work for the club , they only want to come, fly, and go home. It's up to the few dedicated members who make a club work. It's a tough pill to swallow but that's the way it is. Sometimes you luck out and get a real good group but that's typically not the case. Just don't let it get to you because you are not alone!
Old 07-12-2012, 06:22 AM
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Default RE: clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

The club can do pretty much what it wants, after all, you want to use their field. (Whether you're a member or not) We had an outside event that wanted to use our field at one time, but in the end, the deal fell through. I dont know why so I cant comment on that. But if you have problems that you find you cant deal with, then it might be time to find another host field. Keep in mind that if you are expecting them to provide volunteers, you might not be received as well. You might need to provide all the volunteers. It takes a lot to put on an event and in any club you have the same people that do the volunteering. If its a club event, the normal group of volunteers would probably show up. If its an outside event, they may not be interested without some pretty big percks to the club. I'm just offering a different perspective. I've CD'd events and volunteers is the biggest issue, never enough.
Old 07-12-2012, 07:21 AM
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Default RE: clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

What's the saying? "Pride cometh before the fall"

Too bad the the players involved don't focus on having a fun event for those who do show up, rather than on Showing off their club. A well run enjoyable event will promo the club better than a Big Logo on a flyer, IMO.
Old 07-12-2012, 07:25 AM
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Default RE: clubs and events.. input to an issue i am having

That’s the rub. They like the event. A great first year turn out. The Pres just thinks we aren’t making the club as he would like. (Mainly logos...) and wants to but he club's name in front of everything that refers to it.
They (officials) made NO offer to ask for volunteers, Gave NO budget, and to this day I have yet to see any of them even asking if they could help bring something to the event.

Their only output is allowing the event to take place on the site. I at least have prizes and donations from manufacturing sponsors that I add logos to the website.

I guess I am upset that the board has decided to make time to make it harder to but on a successful event, rather than using that energy to make the event more successful. ( which they claim each year they have had enough and are not rerunning.. then call people in to hold it if challenged)

the time they waste making sure that the club ( and in reality I think it is the Pres trying to get the recognition) is marketed.

I guess what is going to happen is I am going to go back to just flying... let them complain and die off or move.

WE were trying to make an event that was going to be known throughout the area that would draw people to a really nice field. It is a fun ‘fly event that runs on minimal staff 3-4 people... but I really feel that all that talk of wanting that type of event was just HOT AIR... and simply something else to constantly complain about.

I guess my hobby is model aviation... Theirs is controlling a given group..

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