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Electric Jets

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Default Electric Jets


Anybody ever buy from

Also, what are a few good website to buy jets from? Look for smaller to mid sized electric jets.

Also looking for them to be cheaper in price (no i do not mean cheaply built and crappy planes, i mean not $1,000).

What are the best electric jet websites you know of?


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Default RE: Electric Jets

just to name a few
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Default RE: Electric Jets

Anybody know where I can order replacement parts, specifically the nose cone, for a J-Power Blue Angels FA 18 EDF? Hobby Lobby sold it, but have discontinued it. Got it from a freind who lost the manual. HELP!!!
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Default RE: Electric Jets

Hi guys I am new to EDF's and need some advise/help. I purchased a real nice 90mm F-18 foam last year and just got around to building it. I got it from a dealer in Hong Kong and I dont know te manufacturer because the plane cam in a different box. I need help with the motor or the ESC. I had everything hooked up and was calabrating the landing gear when I smelled that plasticic melting smell. I dropped eerything and started feeling the wires to see if any are getting hot. The esc was very warm but not so that would make that smell. I then tried to test the flight controls and motor. Thats when strange started. Flight controls started moving on their own moving intermiten and then the lights on my RX went out and got the smoplugged the battery and started looking at the wireing to see if there was a problem but did not see one. I plugged the battery in and did not get anything, I tried to bind the rx and did not get the flashing lights. Frustrated I walked away from it to calm down and come back later to look at it again with different eyes. I looked in the tail pipe and noticed that the wires leading from the brushless motor are deformed but not showing wire. Is there anybody out there that can tell me if I burnt the motor and need to replace or the ESC is bad and needs to be replaced?

All was incuded with the model except battery, TX and RX

Battery size recomended in instructions and I purchaced - 3800 mAH 5S 18.5 volt Li-Po flight power EON. Battery was about 35% cost of airplane so I have some cash in this.

Thanks for any help you can give me,
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Default RE: Electric Jets

I've bought from EJF and had good service. I plan on buying from them in the future. Too many issues for me to buy from Hobby King or Nitro models. When responses are 50/50 I'll shop elsewhere. There are guys that have some of their jets in the club but they dont get much air time. Seems to me they spend a lot of time working on them. Its more expensive piece parting all the components, but I think you get a better quality setup. And EJF will give you service after the sale.
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Default RE: Electric Jets

I bought an XB-70 EDF from Toysonics and it is beautiful aircraft BUT their customer service was a good bit short of great. I had a Tx that wouldn't contact the AA batteries. Had to bend the contacts a bit to get the batteries to connect. Once we figured that out it wouldn't mix for elevons. Which is essential as there are no elevators on the canards. I have talked to several people who fly the aircraft and they all say it is a blast. But once again. I wasn't impressed with the customer svc. I bought a Tx/Rx from HobbyKing and it seems to work fine!!(cost me 45 bucks including s&h.) Can't beat that!! It mixes too!!!!! The B-70 has always been my favorite American aircraft. What beautiful lines. If it flies as good as it looks it should be quite an experience! I need to do some searching as there was an entry very recently about bumping up the motor a bit. What a grand plane. Toysonics just didn't seem to care a whole lot about my problem. I guess I will steer clear of them in the future. He treated me like a novice! My brother and I have roughly 100 years of flying so the basic stuff is old hand...BUT....we are starting up in electric and there is a lot of stuff for these geezers to learn. Some one on the board said that they were going to bump up the power a bit so I will be searching for his entry. Can't wait to fly this bird. I have a complete set of plans for a Valkyrie that is about 9 or 10 feet long with about a span of around 6 feet. It takes a .91 pusher. Would love to put 6 turbines in it but that would make it a 5 or 6 thousand dollar airplane and my live in "navigator" said "no way Jimmy Doolittle!!!!!" If anyone who flies one please drop me a line with any recommendations, etc. Thanks gang.

Steve in the process of drawing up an indoor XB,70. About 20 inches long with about a 13 inch span. Gotta find a small ducted fan unit. The smallest DF I can find is28 mm. Anybody know of a smaller one? Let's see pics from anyone who flies a B-70.
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Default RE: Electric Jets

                      I recently purchased a HET 70mm fan from EJF, and recieved it in a timely manner.   Then later on I was looking at some of thier (inexspensive)  ARF kits, that was designed to be a high start launch/belly lander.  I shot them an email inquiring about landing gear for it. About a couple of hours later I had a reply back. So their customer service is pretty good in my opinion. 

As for Nitro planes, and Banana Hobbies. Well there higher end airplanes, Jets, etc fly really nice, but the electronics in them are lacking. From either place Ive had to replace atleast a servo or two on every  airframe Ive purchased from them. Fortunately I have always had one of those servo failures while rigging the flight controls and not in flight.  But as for there customer service................  Well they both are a little lacking in that department. However I have recieved response's back from them but not nearly in as timely a manner as EJF.  But................  They do move alot of product and are quite busy as some of there product is lacking in quality.  So it is my opinion that either they are super busy in there customer service department, and or they are very understaffed.

But to answer your main question. Yes I shop at EJF and Yes I will continue to buy stuff from EJF.

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