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Gulliows Cessna 172 Glow conversion question

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Gulliows Cessna 172 Glow conversion question

Old 10-09-2022, 12:11 PM
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Default Gulliows Cessna 172 Glow conversion question

Hello I'm a giant scale Pilot and have absolutely no idea about what tiny glow engine will fit this plane:

I own and fly big airplanes. The smallest one I own is a CMP Pro Cessna 182 with a DLE 20. Since I have no previous experience with 36 inch wingspan planes, thought it would be kinda cool to try something really small and see if how it flies. I don't really want to put an electric motor in this plane but I'm not opposed to it. The box calls for a .049 engine or rubber band power. I'm thinking a .10 to .15 size glow engine would probably be perfect for something this tiny.
Any input I'd appreciate, thanks.

Old 10-10-2022, 05:00 AM
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It says right on the box .049
Old 10-10-2022, 05:43 AM
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IMO an 049 would be marginal. The other issues is noise and the fact that 049 will spit exhaust everywhere. A better option would be a 10 fsr with a muffler to direct the exhaust and a real carburetor.
Old 10-10-2022, 09:17 AM
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I agree that a .10 would be a much better choice, and that an .049 would probably be marginal.

There are many other considerations and design changes that you will have to do, since the plane wasn't really designed to be powered by an engine, but a rubber band, instead. I imagine the firewall (if there even is one) will probably have to be beefed-up, as well as some of the fuselage structure to which the firewall attaches.

And then the balance issue, where I imagine you would have to mount all of the radio gear as far rearward as possible.

The kit may not even come with operable control surfaces. In that case, some serious design changes would be required.

I'm not sure how available fuelproof dope, etc. is anymore - something else to consider.

I'm just guessing on most of this, because I haven't built that type of kit in over 45 years, and I recall very little. I have thought of doing a project like this, as there are some very cool kits out there that could become incredibly cool small r/c models. But I realized all of the challenges, and didn't want to just jump into it.

I imagine quite a few people have attempted a project like this, so hopefully they will eventually chime in and give their experiences.

I love seeing the hobby of building r/c planes staying alive. This aspect of the sport is dwindling away and dying, but some of us are trying to keep it alive. In other words....you go, girl!!!
Old 10-14-2022, 07:46 AM
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The reason they suggest an 049 is that these engines have an integral fuel tank and are relatively easy to install.
Anything larger would require you to redesign the structure to accommodate a tank, plumbing, and some kind of access to it all. Also need to strengthen it for the increased weight.

By the time you’ve done that, probably the weight increase (wing loading) will be significant.
Not saying an accomplished model designer and builder couldn’t do it, but emphasis is on experience in such.

The rest of the delicate structure should also be carefully reviewed for its suitability to an ic engine.
Making successful ic flying models at these sizes is more difficult than the larger or giant size models, and today e power does seem more practical for them.
Old 10-15-2022, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Outrider6
"I love seeing the hobby of building r/c planes staying alive. This aspect of the sport is dwindling away and dying, but some of us are trying to keep it alive. In other words....you go, girl!!!"
I'm definitely doing my part to keep building and flying from dying off all together. Thanks for the encouragement!! 2022 marks 35 years I've been flying RC, think I'll go for another 35!💜💜
Old 03-21-2023, 03:48 PM
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??? a .049 marginal?

IIRC the Cox original Cessna Centurion was 36" wingspan, and was pretty adequately powered with a .049...
Old 03-22-2023, 08:25 AM
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The answer is: it depends. What do you want from the airplane? I have a Cox Centurion of the same size and mentions by 1967brutus and can confirm it flies nicely as a two channel airplane. Fuel proof dope is still available through Brodak. If you don't want to mess with dope and tissue, iron on covering is still a thing. When dealing with things like the Guillows kits it is important to remember that most of them were designed in the 1960's and 70's. Radios have come a long way. Receivers are much smaller. You can use good quality micro servos on an .049 plane and mini servos up to a .15. Guillows planes also have a construction style that as noted above can be kind of fragile and you will have to do some re-engineering for control surfaces etc. So, yes an .049 can be made to fly the airplane just fine. If you want throttle and any amount of scale detail then step up to an .07-.10 engine. A throttled Norvel .049 could also be nice.
Old 03-22-2023, 01:23 PM
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So was this a winter project, is it under way, finished, choices made?
Just saw this today, here is my two cents.
under 4 lbs: electric.
over 8 lbs: gas
4 - 8 lbs glow might work under review of needs and use.
36" wingspan gillows, no question at all today.....electric!

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