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cougar question

Old 09-16-2005, 11:51 PM
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Default cougar question

hey guys i have a few questions? well let me start of by saying this. i bought a sig cougar of a guy at my flying field. this thing is awesome flys way nice and i was wondering what i could put on this to get this thing going seriously fast. everyone at my field flys fast and in circles and im into 3-d and speed and i want to make this thing zoom. what can i do? right now i have a old supertiger 45 on it not the new versions and i have a performance specialties muffler on it. most say go with a .60 size engine. but i think it would be to much and other say theres not much u can do. oh i also have a 9x7 prop i think i cant see cause the nose cone on my plane covers the size witing but its small and has tons of pitch. id apreciate it if u people could lend me some advice.
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Default RE: cougar question

Well a Jett-50 and a 9x8 APC would be a good place to start.... How big is the Cougar?
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Default RE: cougar question

I had a Kougar!! nice plane. To get it fast you need to improve engine perf and decrease drag.

to decrease drag install retracts and seal up hinge gas.

to improve power and keep to a 50 size engine weights try a WEbra 50 or better still 55GT esp with a tuned pipe!!. this shoudl give you all the perf you need. Teh jett will be even better but cost a lot more.

You could also try higher nitro - a the exp of engine life.

Cheapest improve enginewise would be to buy a TT pro 46.
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Default RE: cougar question

The Sig Kougar is a classic airplane. I think that everone should own/fly one in the RC career (Kaos, Kougar, Ugly Stick, Falcon - the very basics)

Speed options from the cheapest on up.

Forget hanging a full-size .60 engine on there. You can try the full-size tuned pipe route, but there are drag/installation/tuning issues to deal with. Not impossible, but just something extra to do. Id suggest this....

1) If your ST45 is in good shape, you can bolt on a Jett-Stream muffler. Good for another 700-1100 rpm on the engine with the 9x7 or 10x6

2) Switch to a TT46 as mentioned - add the Jett-Stream muffler to it. Move up to a 9x8 prop - turns over 16,000 rpm

3) A Jett SJ-46 is a good value. No modifications, no messing around - just bolt it on the airplane

4) The webra 50/55 is a good choice. Good engine. Worth considering.

5) SJ-50 engine is next up - zooom

6) Then there is the Jett SJ-60LX (same size as the ST-45 and SJ-46) - this engine will require you to purchase a few new pair of underware.

all things aside, the chances are that your new Kougar has a fixed gear, and if so it will not take full advantage of the super top end engines. Id say go for one of the top 3 listed items.

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Default RE: cougar question

I have a Sig Kougar with a Rossi 60 on the front. It will take off at half throttle and really move. The airframe was built on the heavy side and adding the 60 was not one of my best ideas. Made the plane just over the MAX that Sig recommends. The plane to begin with has a tendency to snap when going to slow and to much elevator has been added. I found out the hard way on landing.

I would recommend sticking with in the 40-50 size engine range. Unless you are going to go with a Jett. Or you airframe has been built LIGHT.
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Default RE: cougar question

Had a couple a long time ago it was great.second version was best. Swept wing 15 degrees used rakes like the mig 15.
an-hedral'd the tail and added 2 1/2" flared tips. played it like an F-4 Phantom. Had Rohm air retracts. for power was a YS .60
propped down for super high rev 11 x 10. Had to keep power up on landing sink rate wasn't great(HEAVY).But the flared tips stopped the snap. What a rocket-- the tail config really helped those 120+ inverted low passes. Still got an old wing kit for one???no no no got enough projects for now.

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