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Futaba 14SG Corrupted Model Memory?

Old 09-15-2016, 10:35 AM
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Default Futaba 14SG Corrupted Model Memory?

I'm using the following equipment:

Tx: Futaba 14SG
Rx: R200663 (S-FHSS)
Battery: 6.0v Ni-Mh
Servos: S3001

The airframe is a light duty .40 size high wing, single aileron servo. Circa 50 flights on this equipment.

Today when I went to the field and performed a pre-flight I had an intermittent aileron problem. As I moved the aileron through its full range right hand down appeared to bind and then the servo started buzzing and eventually moving the stick to the right did nothing. I thought this must be a dead servo and I packed up and went home.

Once home this problem continued. It also become prevalent on the rudder. The rudder would go right but when I moved left it would not do anything. If I hold the input after several seconds have passed the surface will move suddenly. Elevator and throttle appear to be working normally.

I've tried both servos on a servo tester without radio gear and they operate normally. I also rebound the current Rx and swapped it out for another one and the problem continued.

I think I've eliminated the servos and the Rx.

Here is the kicker -

If I change the model on the Tx to anything else the controls return to normal operation. It's as if this model is corrupted in the Tx.

Is this possible?

Should I send the Tx in for repair? I can delete the model and set it up again but this doesn't fill me with confidence, particularly if there is a bigger more expensive model being flown

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Any one model memory can become corrupted for a number of reasons. It could be that you turned off the power too soon after working with the programming. Wait a few seconds after you exit to the main screen. That makes sure you have a save. Sometimes it "just happens". You can get a glitch.

If no other model memory is affected, re-program the affected one and see if you still have difficulties. If you do, then you have something going on in the memory chip and the transmitter will need to come into the service center to get it fixed. If you no longer have difficulties, then keep using the unit. Many times, you can get a spontaneous glitch that affects a memory or a portion of one, and then never see it again.

If you're at all unsure, send the transmitter to the service center for inspection. Make sure you include as complete a description as possible so that the tech will have an idea of where to start looking.

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