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Problem with 9CHP Super

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Default Problem with 9CHP Super

I have a 9CHP Super which has been working well for nearly a year. Before my first flight today I was doing the usual pre-flight checks and I found my Aileron servo (on Ch. 1) was moving only a small portion of the normal throw. I flew this transmitter/model just last Thursday and everything was working well. I have not made any configuration changes to the radio since the last flight.

At first I thought it was a servo problem so I swapped the elevator and aileron servos at the receiver, and the problem stayed with the aileron channel. The servo that was previously on the aileron channel worked fine (full movement) on the elevator channel, and now the elevator servo (plugged into channel 1) was showing very limited throw. The problem doesn't seem to be servo specific.

I checked the servo test screen on the transmitter. With the automated test, the servo (and the bar graph on the TX display) moved throughout the full range of motion. When the aileron stick was moved full right or left, the servo only moved a small amount as before, and the bar graph showed only about 50% (or less) movement when the stick was fully deflected right or left.

Next I thought the problem was related to the model configuration in the transmitter memory, so I switched to a new unused model in the transmitter and performed a reset on that model. I believe this should have cleared out all the end point, dual rate, sub-trim, etc. settings that were in place for my flying model. The problem didn't go away. The aileron channel/servo still only moved a small portion of the full throw (both on the physical servo and on the bar graph servo test display).

Just to confirm, I tested with a different flying model (different receiver and servos) and the problem still exists, so it seems to be specific to the transmitter. Are there any suggestions to correct this locally, or do I need to send the transmitter in for service? The unit is 11 months old (purchased May 2005).

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Default RE: Problem with 9CHP Super

First off, try taking a model memory you're not using and perform a full reset on it. Double-check the ATV for each channel. Then operate the aileron channel to see if you still have the reduced travel. Usually, it's a setting somewhere that's off a bit. If you have a mixer turned on, check those. Double-check your dual-rates. Go through the progammable mixes and any of the preset mixes that involve ailerons. Yes, it's a chore, but you might have a mix on that's not switch-activated, but always on. Any of those could be the source of your difficulty.

You actually need to go into all of the functions to see if there are any that are mis-set.

If nothing seems to work, then your transmitter needs to see the service department to determine what might be wrong.

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