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msouth12 10-31-2006 03:10 PM

50cc engine choice
I am sure you guys will hammer for asking the question of which engine is a good choice in the 50cc category. I'm sure it's been hashed to death in here, but I can't seem to find a good thread that will answer the question. If there is a good thread already, then please guide me to it. I can tell you that I am new to gas and I am going to purchase a new 80 to 85 inch 27% plane in the next month or so. I have been looking at DA, 3W, ZDZ, and Evolution motors. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Jake Ruddy 10-31-2006 03:38 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Well this will just turn into a war hahha

If it were me I would look into the following:

I would look into the Brillelli 60 http://brillelli.com/brillelli_engines_009.htm It's more powerful then it's light. They also have awesome customer service.

I would look at the Taurus 3.2 http://www.taurus-engines.com/taurus_ts52.html These again are very powerful and very smooth running. Again greta customer service.

The others 50s you mentioned are great engines but I think these have them beat. DA is nice but known to have a slightly rough sounding mid-range and continous updates are needed. 3w50 is a nice engine but on the heavy side. Evolution 58 has had many reports of failed gaskets etc so far and its heavy as well.

Can't really knock the ZDZ 50 I havent really followed that engine.. but hav read a bit on. First 2 engiens I would really be my choice.

Best thing to do is start a search because everyone is going to say something different. I can tell you I dont think you will find a bad thread on either the Brillelli line or the Taurus line.

Hope this helps

Bob Laine 10-31-2006 05:17 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Look for the thread, "Calling all Taurus Owners"

dougtx 10-31-2006 05:48 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
I have a Taurus TS-52, I couldn’t be happier. The engine weighs almost the same as a DA-50, and appears to be stronger and smoother.

It starts easier than my glow engines and it is the only engine that I have ran out of the box and have yet to make a single adjustment to it.

IMO, it is by far the best 50CC engine.

skiman762 10-31-2006 09:11 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice

ORIGINAL: dougtx

I have a Taurus TS-52, I couldn’t be happier. The engine weighs almost the same as a DA-50, and appears to be stronger and smoother.

It starts easier than my glow engines and it is the only engine that I have ran out of the box and have yet to make a single adjustment to it.

IMO, it is by far the best 50CC engine.

How is the price compared to the DA50

dougtx 11-01-2006 12:53 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
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The price with wrap around muffler, I believe was $679.00, but you would have to call Taurus to verify this.

Based on my experience with this engine, the price is not an issue when you consider the performance and reliability. I am currently running this engine on an old Funfly RoadRunner that I built 18 years ago, even with it right at 17lbs it will hang on the prop at just under 1/3 throttle, and most of the flying is done at under half throttle.

I looked at all 50cc gas engines that are available before I purchased the Tarurus, and I did considerable research on RC Universe, as well as other forums, and I have yet to find a single person that has been unsatisfied, or has spoke negative about this engine, which is saying more than a lot of other 50cc gassers can.

camss69 11-01-2006 01:45 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
I also have a Taurus, and have had the same great experience.

Tired Old Man 11-01-2006 07:05 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
By the time all is said and done, the cost between the DA and the Taurus is pretty close. Power wise the Taurus may have an advantage, and the Taurus is definately a smoother engine. Both the DA and the Taurus are good choices, but it's my opinion that the Taurus has a superior ignition with the CH. The DA is very good, but the CH is a little better, IMO.


The first chance you get take a moment to work with the carb needles a little bit. None of the Taurus engines are adjusted at the factory for the end user, and are almost assured to be out of tune for your area. You may well be missing out on a lot of power by leaving it at factory settings, and have the possibility of causing damage if it's on the lean side.

Zeeb 11-01-2006 08:44 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Ford, Chevy or Dodge? :eek:

If this is your first gasser, are there any folks you fly with or at your club who have gassers and might give you a bit of help, or who's airplanes you might see fly?

While there are a number of engine brand choices in that range, around here the two predominant ones are DA and ZDZ. I faced the same question when I started with gassers and went with the ZDZ mostly due to the fact that I'd seen them perform and talked with people around here who had them. Part of that decision was due to the fact that the DA's were back ordered when I wanted an engine as well. I now have several ZDZ's and have been quite happy with them.

Gassers are not a big mystery, but there is a bit of a learning curve and local help to get you started will make the transition easier and more fun IMHO... ;)

Bob Laine 11-01-2006 08:51 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
What does "IHMO" mean?

Steve 11-01-2006 09:08 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
I also have a Taurus 52 and am very pleased with it. Its a very good engine.

DadsToysBG 11-01-2006 09:21 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
I'm using a 3-w 55 in my new Lanier Yak. It's rated at 6 hp. Dennis

jstanton 11-01-2006 09:34 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice

I have 4 Brillelli engines and each one has been a real nice engine. In the 50cc class they have a awesome engine called a 366GT(60cc) engine. It is only 2 oz heavier than a DA50 and has a lot more power. The engine is very easy to start and is very reliable. The best thing about the Brillelli engines is their customer service after the sell. If you have a question or need some special part made for a particular installation Brillelli is there for you. You will get customer service even on the weekend while you are at the field flying. I know I have called Scott more than once just to ask a question while I was fly-in at the field on a weekend and he help me every time. Don't just look and the engine look at the company you are buying it from. Will they be there for you when you need them most. The Brillelli 366GT engine is only $625.00 complete. They do not sell strip down engines, meaning that you need to buy a muffler and stand-offs after you buy the engine. Give Brillelli a look at www.brillelli.com:D

exeter_acres 11-01-2006 09:37 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice


What does "IHMO" mean?


Appears to be a msispelled In My Humble Opinion

should be IMHO

exeter_acres 11-01-2006 09:38 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Oh...and I have a DA-50 and it works flawlessly

Bob Laine 11-01-2006 09:39 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
"Gotcha" Thanks Bob

Tired Old Man 11-01-2006 11:08 AM

RE: 50cc engine choice
In the classes that I'm most familiar with, the 3w line is the strongest. However, as in anything wlse there may be some trade offs. The ignition systems are not as reliable as they could or should be, and they're have been more than a few issues with bearing and race alignments. Carb tuning can be a problem for some until they realize that the diaprahm needs a "constant pressure" condition to function properly.

The DA is light and provides a lot of power. In the old days there were some teething pains that seem to have been well resolved. Mid range performance is a blubbering rich affair because the carb and reed valve should be on a larger engine. Reliable with excellent service. Warranty service is impossible ot argue with.

Brison engines are extremely reliable but a little heavier than the DA. Mid range performance is a thing of beauty with little effort to achieve. The power levels are, IMO, at least equal to the DA, but the lower purchase price tends to offset that quite a bit if there is any less power from the Brison. They've moved away from a CH ignition due to the higher expense, which I still believe to be a mistake.

The Taurus engines are also another bulletproof engine, but have an excellent internal balance. Again, they are just a couple of ounces heavier all up than a DA. Easy to work with carbs, and LOTS of power. The 3 year warranty is real nice, and the CH ignition is as good as it gets. Priced pretty close to the DA.

I've heard a lot about the Brillelli engines and have conversed quite a bit with Scott, the owner, but have never run one so I can't go there. I have only worked with one ZDZ, and that's not enough to provide a baseline. If you start looking at the 60cc class engines then you also have to look at the Cunningham Zenoah G-62. That one cannot be beat in anything but the weight, but since it's a bigger engine the weight differential over the 50cc engines really doesn't apply. You won't beat the power, reliability, or longevity of a nningham G-62. Lifetime warranty on the ignition system to boot.

The BME 50 is another excellent engine. Weighs pretty close, if not the same, as a DA 50, and is extemely reliable. It's another engine that provides a great mid range and is easy to tune. Great warranty service. I believe all the BME engines now are equipped with a Falkon ignition. Pricing is comparable with the Brison engine.

fishgod 11-01-2006 12:15 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
I have not run the DA 50 but I have owned both a ZDZ and a Taurus 52. I had the never ending problem of a hard starting ZDZ. There were countless threads posted in the engine forum about it taking 20, to 30 flips to get it running. Of course we were told we didn't know how to tune a gas engine, user error, bla, bla, bla. Got great service from the dealer, they sent me a new carb, talked to tech support. No joy. I sold the motor and bought a Taurus 52. Installed it with the same fuel system, same battery, switch, ect.... Closed the choke, ignition on, couple flips, it pops, choke off, one flip its running. Engine runs like a top. Although the exercise was probably good for me, I personally am going to stay away from another ZDZ.

rmh 11-01-2006 01:06 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
once again - you can't satisfy everyone --

fishgod 11-01-2006 01:13 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
You cant deny the number of complaints about hard starting ZDZ motors.

rmh 11-01-2006 01:27 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Yes I can - The complaint is pretty much a dead issue on current /later engines.

fishgod 11-01-2006 01:40 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Thats good to hear they solved the problem.

dougtx 11-01-2006 02:46 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Thanks for the info SilverSurfer. You are correct about adjusting the carb. The setting from the factory actually seems a little on the rich side as it “burbles” time to time.

If I am missing out on any performance then I can’t wait to see what it will do when the carb is fine tuned.

I too have the same ease of starting the Taurus as fishgod explained, choke on, couple of flips till it pops, then choke off, and it starts, I don’t know how much easier it can get.

msouth12 11-01-2006 06:11 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice
Thanks for all the very informative replies. I have learned a lot from this thread already. I have noticed that all of the planes I'm looking at (mostly 27% Yaks) all have the templates for 3W and DA included with them. I have never built a gasser but I am sure that it is not hard to adapt a Brillelli, or a Taurus to one of these planes. The taurus does have an unusual looking backplate though. I am hearing a lot about the DA having a sloppy midrange as well as some deadstick problems. That is what makes these forums so good for the unexperienced. I was under the impression that DA was the Cadilac of gassers before I asked the question that started this thread. I also never even heard of Brillelli or Taurus before this thread, and it is nice to discover new engine choices and hear so many good things about them. I own and fly many glow planes and I am really excited about entering into the world of gassers.


dougtx 11-01-2006 08:43 PM

RE: 50cc engine choice

The Taurus’s radial mount is right at 4” across, I would imagine that this would fit most airplanes without a problem, and it looks really nice.

I was thinking the same thing that you did about DA being top of the line engines until I did more research (several months worth of research), and that is when I decided on the Taurus.

I think that sometimes the “popular” engines are popular because they are the ones who spend more money advertising, sponsoring competitions, and the pilots who use them.

An interesting thing also is that every forum that I searched on, looking for the best 50CC engine on the market, sooner or later I would run across Taurus.

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