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Helijack 09-14-2007 06:55 AM

Try this conversion
Great Planes Yak 54 3D, 81 inch wingspan. ARF

Motor: Axi 5330/18
Controller: Jeti Advance 90+
Prop: 20x8
RX power is dual 2500 mah, dual switches
Radio system JR 9303 with Xtreme Power Systems 2.4 module and RX.
Batteries: TrueRC, 8000 mah 4S2P, two packs in series. (these are 10C packs)

Initial amperage was 62 top, with V drop to 31V, I think it was 1800 watts.....been a few days.

Flying is fine, will do vertical and pull out over the top. Flight times of 7 minutes have shown amp usage from 1800 mah to 2500 mah on the recharge (10 flights to date). Flying style is mild 3D, aggressive touch and goes, vertical, rolls, knife edge, loops.

Aircraft weighs 15 pounds RTF. CG is a little behind the suggested location and it flys much better there. (I wanted the rudder servos in the tail, I like my servos as close to the control surface as feasible.) Batteries are cold at the end of a flight and the motor is comfortably warm.


tIANci 09-14-2007 08:47 AM

RE: Try this conversion
Jack ... nice to hear about your project. Any pics to see how you installed the EP bits?

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