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Henseleit TDS peed New 700 size performance RC Helicopter RARE New in the box. 4250.0

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Henseleit TDS peed New 700 size performance RC Helicopter RARE New in the box. 4250.0

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Default Henseleit TDS peed New 700 size performance RC Helicopter RARE New in the box. 4250.0

Henseleit TDS peed New 700 size performance RC Helicopter RARE

$4250.00 Buyer pays shipping.
Vbar controller is extra
I have Vbar transmitters also
100% New Virgin Kit You can NOT BUY THIS HELI anymore from the designer as It is not being made...
The great news is PARTS are available from Henseleit
and will be for a long time


part no.



5-14 S / 20-59 V

current (cont. / peak)

250 A / 640 A

BEC current (cont. / peak)

10 A / 30 A

weight (without cables)

250 g


109,2 x 53,2 x 38,6 mm

price (incl. VAT)

799€ / $998
  1. The XBLADES x715S Speed offers the pilot outstanding speed flight characteristics, with a very effective power conversion.
    The speed flight rotor blade: suitable for more SPEED up to 10-15km / h with the same helicopter setup!

    XBLADES are a result of many years of experience and consistent development of the Maniac & INSANE rotor blades.

    The record rotor blade!
    - FAI world record holder in speed flight 2013
    - German Championship F3C 2014
    - Winner Pöting Speedcup

    • High SPEED and more SPEED + 10-15 km / h with the same helicopter setup
    • Reduced resistance even when the blade is returning
    • new profile
    • new blade shape
    • new blade tip
    • new blade connection


    Profile: Asymmetrical with a special twist
    Length: 715mm
    Width: 60 / 69mm (root/tip)
    Blade connection: 12mm
    Bore: 5mm
    Revolutions: max. 2600 rpm
    The direction of rotation: right
    Weight: approx. 232g / sheet
  2. Decals Red org. windows yellow neon Comet design
3. Parts bags to kit packed in orders Includes oils and other needs

4. Extra Carbon battery trays 5. MKS HBL575SL These things are amazing, less than 2 oz per unit in wt Retailing around $ 180 per unit

High voltage brushless motor low profile servo

- Ideal for 1/10 surface applications.
- Combining full metal gears, case, and amazing speed.
- The low-profile dimensions make it perfect for any vehicle that is cramped for space.
- CNC Machined Metal Case Design for Exceptional Cooling.
- HD 4096 Resolution, 0.0008ms Dead Band.
- Superior Holding Torque, Japanese Brushless Motor.
- High speed, incredible efficiency, and lower power consumption than comparable servos.

Torque (6.0V): 13.3 kg-cm / 184.7 oz-in

Torque (7.4V): 16.8 kg-cm / 233.3 oz-in

Speed: 0.10 s (4.8V) / 0.08 s (6.0) / 0.07 s (7.4V)

Weight: 53.51 g (1.89 oz)

Dimension:40.5 x 20.5 x 23.1 mm

  • Neodym magnets, heat resistant up to 150 degrees C
  • Specialized wire, heat resistant up to 300 degrees C
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Optimized metal sheets
  • Optimized ventilation
  • 500 RPM/V
  • 25000 RPM Max
  • 6kW continuous Power
  • 8mm shaft Diameter
  • 0.5 g
  • 7 mΩ

The COOL KOSMIK 250 HV: the new KONTRONIK flagship

With the same size and weight as the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV, our new COOL KOSMIK 250 HV provides even more power

- 250 A continuous current and up to 640 A peak current!

Of course, there is a strong BEC on board with 10 A continuous current and up to 30 A peak current as well.

With improvements in hardware and software, we further optimized the well-established governor characteristics of the KOSMIK series. Telemetry integrated: As a further highlight, we integrated the telemetry functions. So the COOL KOSMIK 250 HV provides telemetric data for Futaba, Multiplex, Graupner, Mikado, and Jeti without an additional TelMe module.

Of course, it is also prepared for Bluetooth communication and online updates.

Technical data:
Henseleit TDS - Rotor Live 2018 - 1st flight in public

The video will open in a new window
Using the eBay App? Paste link into a browser window:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The TDS was first introduced in its original version in 2013 but was only produced in a trainer version of the TDR-II with closed canopy and standard tail rotor.
The TDR-II with the closed-speed canopy is worldwide the fastest stock machine and holds the current world record.
Nevertheless, it was important to me to go on with the originally pure TDS speed machine once again, as it promises further advantages through even better aerodynamics because of the tail rotor inside the tail fin and the 8 ° forwardly inclined rotor shaft.
Due to the rotor inclination, the entire fuselage will produce less air resistance.

Many experiences of the last years with the TDR-II in terms of compact design with extremely durable transmissions and the new experience with the TDFun, an extremely lightweight construction has become a whole new symbiosis of both, but similar to a Formula 1 race car exclusively on speed flies or even beautiful spacious elegant flying style is designed.

Due to its aerodynamic shape, the tail rotor design, and the rotor blade or swash plate linkage, this machine is not suitable for 3D flight!
All sorts of combinations of huge loops, long rolls, or even extremely long knife-edge flights are perfect.

In contrast to the original concept of the TDR-II was here dispensed with everything that brings unnecessary weight. The linear drive was omitted because it was not realizable in this pure lightweight speed machine for weight and space reasons.

The articulation geometry has been designed in such a way that with a blade presetting of + 5 ° pitch with a total stroke of approx. +/- 12 ° it is possible that there is virtually no angle distortion at maximum pitch and additional cyclical deflections.
So you get about -7 ° to + 17 ° pitch range, which is ideal for Speeding and even for an emergency autorotation and allows sensitive pitch management at the high rotor speeds.

In order to have more reserves for an emergency autorotation, a not rotating tail rotor was also omitted (but can optionally be converted to co-rotating). In a motor failure, the tail rotor stops immediately as well, so you have much earlier an audible or visual warning signal, since the tail rotor is always the clearest to hear. In this way, you can react in good time, even in the distance, before the main rotor stops and rescues the machine. By the tail fin, the fuslage is always aligned clean with low forward speed, so you can control the helicopter even without a turning tail rotor still to the desired landing place.

Servos for both the swashplate and the tail rotor has to be the MKS HBL575 SL from the X6 series. These servos impress with their performance data and have standard dimensions in length and width, but are much flatter in height.

I did not want to compromise on a specific machine like the TDS, so these servos are practically a part of the design.

Attention! Servos with higher housings do not fit.

Thanks to the TDR-II modified transmission concept, it has been possible to make the core mechanics even more compact and still be able to transmit these enormous forces.

The center chassis width of only 30mm with very small bearing plates results in an enormous rigidity with the lowest weight.

The servos are completely shifted outwards and everything is very accessible despite the compactness.

In the second gear step, a similar gear was used as at the TDR-II, which is extremely robust. In the first stage, I used a belt this time, so that I could move the intermediate shaft to the front of the rotor shaft for compactness reasons and getting the right center of gravity.

Also, the tail boom with the tail could be moved so further forward. This solved the center of gravity problems that existed in the first TDS study.

Through various tooth belt pulleys for the motor with 22-T / 23-T and 24-T, reductions of 9,64:1 / 9,22:1 / 8,84:1 are possible. The tail rotor gear ratio is lower at 1: 4,27, so the tail rotor speed is not so extremely high at the high main rotor speeds. This gives the helicopter, even at high speeds, a pleasant crisp sound, because the main rotor noise is not drowned out by a shrieking tail rotor.

The empty weight of the TDS helicopter mechanics with a completely closed canopy and the profiled tail boom with molded vertical stabilizer is about 1800g.

Here is a compilation with sample equipment for the TDS-FAI compatible version with a take-off weight of 4.9 kg:

Servos: 4x MKS HBL575 SL 210g Motor: PYRO 800-68 Competition 520g ESC: COOL KOSMIK 250 HV 300g Battery: 10S/5000mAh 1550g Speed Blades: Speed-Blätter X713S 470g Flybarless: V-bar Neo 25g Buffer battery: 2S-450mAh 25g Total equipment:
3100g Motor: PYRO 850-50 Competition OEM Henseleit 605g ESC: COOL KOSMIK 250 HV 300g

================================================== ===============2

This Heli is next to impossible to obtain,
The Heli you see flying in the 1st video all the parts you need to build this heli
are in this kit, Plus extras.
It does not include the Vbar controller or Vbar Transmitter.
But we can make a deal .... We have them too.
Before inflation, this kit and the addons we are selling was nearly 4 grand
The value is MUCH greater now.

Ask about our in-house Layaway EZ terms
We are a US seller
We ship fast pack well
and Insure
We stand behind everything we sell.

Sorry this is not in English, but I wanted to share anyway.


RotorLive Produkte Vorstellung - Henseleit Helicopters TDS

The video will open in a new window
Using the eBay App? Paste the link into a browser window:

The Holy Grail of R/C Helis
This listing price will cover these items for Heli Kit, Servos, blades, canopy,
Motor, and esc.
Notice the LAST 2 photos
You can also INQUIRE ON...
Vbar controllers and transmitters that we can combo with this sale to save you more money
Transmitters and controllers are not included in this listing price
TDSpeed ​​the ultimate speed machine 10-16S
complies with the new FAI rules for world record attempts with a take-off weight below 5kg and the maximum allowed 10S battery.
Who am I and how to understand this listing?
(Get comfortable we have a lot to cover.)
Read each section in blue to see all that is available some can be
bought in combo

Sellers' words (mine) will all be typed in blue, and the info and specs
from online describing our products with be mostly in black. this way there is
less confusion, or that is the plan. I am not someone who has
a lot of knowledge in the high-end heli field. But have been in the
R/C business for many years. This and others we will be selling are from an
old buddy who was 'neck deep' in the best of all things Heli. This was just one
of his babies. This one he never had the chance to build.
What all is in this listing:
Like you see

Carbon tail

ESC in box

Motor and ESC





Carbon Canopy

at the top of this page. This is a new TDS kit from Jan Henseleit himself,
and WOW what a piece of art and a thing of beauty. The parts have the look and feel of a precisionRolex This Heli
is ALL CARBON FIBER the main drive pulley is feather lite well machined aluminum; every part has the
craftsmanship and detail that is just next level. You just know there is something very special about this airframe.
This is a new kit that went from Manuf. to the buyer. When he passed, I was given the responsibility to find it a home.

Kit contents beyond the airframe:
(Directly below the number list you will find corresponding numbers with
specs for each item that I pulled from online for your convivence.)
  1. A new set of main and tail rotors (X715 speed and X106),
  2. Decals (Yellow neon and Red Orange),
  3. Numbered parts bags as shown in photos.
  4. Battery tray assemblies: 4 Battery trays were ordered with this kit.
  5. HBL 575SL Servos x 4
  6. 1860 Pyro 850-50 Competition Motor
  7. Cool Kosmik 250+HV Esc

For usage of 14S, we recommend:

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