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Fusion 9 glitches...

Old 08-24-2006, 06:59 PM
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Default Fusion 9 glitches...

I recently bought a new fusion 9 receiver. It's installed in a World Models GS Zero. Engine is a Zenoah G-38. The receiver glitches at full throttle. I've checked, and had the plane checked, for any possible radio interference issues. We did find a loose muffler on the engine and fixed that, and the glitching problem got better, but it's still there. The problem only occurs at full throttle with the antenna fully retracted, and more than 30 or so feet from the plane. Extend the antenna, problem goes away. The receiver has fail safe programmed, but it's not going into failsafe. It will enter failsafe with the transmitter turned off, but not when the engine is running. I haven't ruled out other possibilities, I.E switch failing or battery, but since the glitching stops when the antenna is extended, and only occurs at full throttle, I really tend to think it's radio interference.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


A quick update... I programmed the throttle servo to failsafe last night. I just checked and the servo will not drive to failsafe. Just stays where it's at.
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Default RE: Fusion 9 glitches...

At the risk of stepping on Hitec support's toes (but in the itnerests of answering your question)

IPD receivers (like the Fusion 9) *will* glitch (just like FM/PPM receivers) when exposed to high levels of noise/interference.

IPD works by filtering out any part of the signal that falls outside the limits of what amounts to normal servo deflection.

Unlike PCM however, it can not always filter out any noise or interference that is going to try and drive your servos to a position within the range of "normal"

As a result, if you're getting spark interference from your motor (which definitely sounds like the problem), the Fusion 9 will not do as good a job of rejecting that noise as a PCM receiver will -- and you'll notice this in the form of the glitches that are being experienced.

The problem does not necessarily lie with the Fusion 9, it's more likely that you still have some work to do in order to reduce the ignition noise of your motor. Also, while using a PCM receiver may *appear* to solve the problem, it's not a safe thing to do because at some stage (depending on the model's position, range, etc), the PCM receiver may initiate a lockout and/or failsafe.

If I were you, I'd temporarily replace the Fusion 9 with a regular FM/PPM receiver and see if it also glitches at full throttle.

If it doesn't then it could be the engine vibration disturbing a faulty component in the Fusion 9 receiver -- but I doubt it.

At this stage, Hitec support wishes to remind me that these forums are only for the answering of posters questions by authorized Hitec representitives and I apologize :-)
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Default RE: Fusion 9 glitches...

OK, XJet we'll let this one slide.... Good info.

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