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Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

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Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Old 06-24-2006, 11:50 AM
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Default Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Just whining.. I'm thinking some of you can relate.. 'Stuck' at home, when I had been planning to be at the IMAC contest today....

But, it is a bit stranger in my case.. (sorry)

My plans for the 'Bob, the final tour' and IMAC are not quite working out the way I had planned... (nuts)

7 years ago I ended my IMAC comps because my daughters had entered their teen years, and I decided to spend 'my spare time' with them - we had a great time (heavily involved in family activities with them, priceless time and memories). I planned to get back to IMAC when the girls left home, and wondered if the 'spark' for IMAC would still be there...

2 years ago, both daughters were finally away from home (at university), so I got back to some 'serious' flying - and discovered that I did indeed love it as much as before.... Oops - what was that lump in my back?? - Cancer (!) - so, 7 months in and out of the hospital - then I get back to flying again (as much fun as ever - isn't that great), and having a great time practising, and flying - and.. the cancer comes back (bad stuff, mine is osteosarcoma - if it comes back, you just about always die from it, I will - most likely before the end of the year).. But I decided I WILL fly IMAC every chance I get.. for the rest of my life (For the 'final tour' I bought new planes (and the best of everything for them), new radio, and even a trailer (what the heck!) - loving this stuff still.

Got to my first contest in 7 years in April - it was wonderful, I met some great people, and marked my calendar to make it to every contest out here..

Oops, so much for that plan - cancer surgeries took me away from both May contests (darn cancer) My 'plan' was to make all contests, and made one of the first 3 (darn)

I did make it to the contest 2 weeks ago (now up to attending 2 of the 4 contests - yeah) - again, had just tons of fun, met even more great people, and learned a lot about what I have to do to improve my scores (I'm flying Advanced, yes, after a 7 year lay off ) - and now REALLY looking forward to the Olympia contest - a chance to improve my scores, and avoid the (new) problem that happened during the unknown - a good lesson there)

Knowing that I have perhaps only 3 more contests available to me for the rest of my life (kind of weird to say that - but...) makes me want to just whine (just a little bit of feeling sorry for myself for sure) - my wife is recovering from a surgery, and it has suddenly gone 'not so well' - so.. here I am, sitting at home, whining.. (now my count is 2 contests out of 5 available - I am sure missing the plan by a lot)

Let this be a lesson to you young ones .. Even when you'd think there is nothing to get in the way of 'fun' - there can be. Enjoy every minute, every chance you get.

Well, I really want to make it to the Snohomish contest now (well, of course I wanted to do that anyway!)


I am not really so self centered at 53 I have had a great life, and do not actually feel sorry for myself. R/C has been a big part of my life (35 years), but family is most important.. Just sitting here, thinking.. R/C folks can probably relate.. I am loving life!
Old 06-24-2006, 12:18 PM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Hardly whining I think . . . though no one could blame you if it were. If anything, your post, hopefully, will help some "stop and smell the roses," so to speak. Your message, as I read it, "take the time to enjoy life to the fullest," is something we all need to take to heart . . . thanks for taking a few moments to share it. Best wishes, good luck at the next contest, and hopefully you'll find a way to get a few more shots at a "final tour."
Old 06-24-2006, 10:55 PM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Bob - we are missing you at Olympia this weekend. All the best and we
will see you at Snohomish.
Old 06-25-2006, 01:57 AM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Man, any "problems" I thought I was having have just disintegrated while reading this post. Bob, that can't be considered whining at all. I hope you manage all of the remaining contests and things take a turn for the better, you certainly have had your share of challenges in a short time.

God Speed,
Old 06-25-2006, 11:02 AM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

First - thanks for the kind words.. I was actually thinking I might not even read this forum today (you know..worried about what I'd read here)..

I think I was paid back yesterday, in that I had A GREAT day- much better than I ever would have expected:
Since I had everything packed and ready to go for an IMAC weekend, I talked my wife into going out on a 'picnic' with me - to the flying field of course. Our oldest daughter (21) had the day off, so she met us there (she flies R/C too - of course [8D]) - it was an incredibly great day - superb weather, great flying, and great fun - probably one of the most enjoyable picnic days ever, it was my wife and daughter and R/C at a beautiful spot here in Washington - what a treasure. In the 'overall scheme' of things, this was certainly better than if I had been able to get to the IMAC contest. They will (all too shortly) have this wonderful day to remember.

As far as my larger picture message - indeed, love what you're doing, and NEVER take the good things for granted.

This is unusual for me - in my little world (a corner of the ol' Net) I am too well known. My 'main' my web sites are visited by way over a million people each month, but I have kept the reality of my cancer from those folks. Here, in the R/C world of the 'Net (my 'secret' 35+ year love), I'm (because of my choice to spend time with family) basically unknown, except for some folks with good memory . Since I decided to spend my last days have R/C fun, I feel an affinity for this community, and I thought I'd share a bit about my 'final tour'. It is (R/C) something we all love, and for many folks like me - the tests of competition gives us a reason to practise and progress. So, the whine about not being able to get to the competition -

Funny, but in my case the old "there is always next time" isn't much comfort sometimes.. But, I had a great day yesterday, even though it was not at the contest.

Old 06-25-2006, 11:28 AM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Try to have more days like the one you had yesterday with your wife and family. No one in the graveyard ever says "darn, I wish I had spent more time at work, and more time at the flying field. If you are retired, just be thankful to wake up and have today.
Old 06-26-2006, 06:25 AM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

I'm trully sorry to hear about your cancer. 53 is still very young but it looks like god might have some special plans for you up stairs. Perhaps he needs a good intro instructor for the newbie pilots just starting to learn up there. From listening to your post I can tell you are enjoying every minute of your life now. Something we all should do, without the threat of dieing to cause us to do so. I have a extremely strong faith in the lord and the way he uses people.
To be in your shoes and knowing that I will be leaving my family and love ones soon would be overbearing. But to have the knowledge that soon you will be going to a much better place, and keep in mind that you WILL once again be united with your loved ones in that place.
Bob I'll send many prayers for you. And keep you in mind while at church.
May the remaining time you have here be filled with smiles, happiness and great memorys.

God bless you
Shaun Russell

Save a spot up there for me
Old 06-30-2006, 09:16 PM
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Default RE: Nuts - the final tour is not working out..

Bob. Please dont bury yourself yet. I am sure there is ways to beat this nasty stuff you got. I can tell you are a strong man and have a wonderful heart. Nobody needs to tell you how to use that either. You got that covered nicely. But what Shaun said above is very true. God does have some plans for you but it may still be a while before you get upsatirs(I hope so anyways). Keep flying and stay strong man. It seems thats something you do good at My thought s and prayers are with you to come out ahead with this obstacle thats in your way. Many tens to you and bless you.

Scott S.

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