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OMG, I can fly!

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Default OMG, I can fly!

So I've been into RC cars for several years now, but the quad rotor thing got my interest. I tried one of the little Estes micro quads, but never got the hang of it. Too small for me to determine orientation. Tiny controller. It put me off for a while.

Then Dromida came out with their line of quads. For $70, I figured I could take another whack at it. I picked up a Vista for Xmas. Of course, I crashed a lot at first. But after only about five packs, I started to get the hang of it. Just practicing the basic stuff of out and back, maintaining altitude and adjusting for breeze. Then I got brave and started trying yaw + roll, and found myself starting to carve turns!

Fortunately, I have a large open field to fly in, and once I got away from trees, I REALLY started to get the hang of it. Now I'm starting to have FUN. I'm actually FLYING the thing! OMG, I CAN fly! Now, I need more batteries!

The Dromida Vista is pretty tough. The only thing I've had to replace because of crash damage are rotor shafts. They get bent, and once bent, it won't fly. BUT you can get a pack of four for $3 !! And they're easy as pie to replace. The rotor blades are tougher than the prop shafts. I think Dromida should have included extras of those, rather than extra props. We also bought the neighbor kid a Dromida car for Xmas, and the replacement parts on it are $3 too! Way to go, Dromida, for making entry level RC truly affordable!! Brilliant!

I think I'm having better luck this time because of a) the larger size makes it easy to orient, and, b) better flight controller makes more stable, thus, easier to control and learn with. I'm really excited! I've picked up a new aspect of RC. Cool.

If you're looking for a quad to learn on, I highly recommend the Dromida Vista. If you're looking at RC cars for your kid, definitely check out their cars. Fast enough to be entertaining, but not so fast that it is likely to damage the chassis in a crash. And like I said, cheap replacement parts!! Thumbs up!
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Nice! Isn't RC in 3 dimensions more fun than in 2 dimensions? Maybe you should try planes too? I have a indoor quad, which is fun, but I still prefer my large and small planes. I have never had anything dromida, but they seem pretty good. Glad you like yours.

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Good choice! The Vista has been improved and flies better than when it was introduced last year. It's flexible so it can take a few hits without serious damage but it's not as good of a flier as a more rigid framed quad. Still perfect for a beginner.
As you may or may not know, when you are going down make sure to kill the throttle (lower the left stick) and you will save yourself some burned out motors and bent shafts!
Good luck, keep flying, and move up to a better will enjoy it even more!
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Thanks guys. Oh yeah, I know about killing the throttle. I think it's the sideways crashes that bent my prop shafts. Ha.

And as an old radio guy used to say....and now, the rest of the story....

I'm on my third one. The first one ended up on top of the tallest tree on our property. Stupid me. The second one (the one ostensibly for my wife) was doing well as I took it over. Then yesterday I was flying in the field and I clipped a tree on the edge of our property and fell into the ditch. No biggie. But as I retrieved it, I found it must've hit one corner on the edge of the pavement and cracked the main air frame right behind the motor pod. 😫 I managed to repair it with a little CA glue and a dab of Shoo Goo. But I was concerned that the angle of the pod was off and wondered if it would fly. But it did ! I was just about to bring it in when it suddenly flipped over and crashed. The previous damage had held. I tried to launch again, but found one rotor wasn't turning. Doin some trouble shooting, I found the motor was fine, it was the circuit on the main board that drives the motor. 😫 D'oh! This quad was toast. Crap.

Well, I looked up the parts. The air frame is only $6, but the main board is $25. Plus the value of my wrenching time to do the repairs. 😉 And it's New Year's eve. The hobby store closes in 45min! What to do?

Instead of repair, I decided to replace. Having spent a good deal of money there this month, I had a $10 coupon, so the new quad was only $60, and I have some spare parts now. Motors, shafts, spurs....and radios. And if that other one ever falls out of that tree......

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