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600R Flameout

Old 09-18-2007, 03:58 PM
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Default 600R Flameout

The last four/five flights my PST engine has started to flame out in different situations of the flight.
The first sign was that I got flameout when I was throttling down from full power to middle power during landing.
Today I had to cancel my flying due to three flameouts on all three flights. Today it flameout on full power when I making a loop.
Then it flame out on ground when I was throttling down after full power for 10 sec just to test engine reliability.

Can it have something to do with the ramp settings? When I throttle from full or mid to idle it has a gargling sound just before reaching idle.
The idle speed also pending from 55000 to 58000.
It seems that the engine dont catch to spool down from full/mid power to idle without flameout.

My engine is three year old and has 19,5 hrs and 161 starts.

I have checked the following:

Fuel lines
Fuel filter
Air bubbles

Please help so I can get out to fly again and make landings with a turbine that runs.[&o]
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Default RE: 600R Flameout


Check the penetration of the thermocouple probe. The 600R is very sensitive to over temp readings. If the probe is too deep it will get a false over temp and shut down.
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Default RE: 600R Flameout

Hi Ilsan,

From the GDT, what were the causes of each flameouts? Were you able to notice this?

In addition to the EGT probe position (inserted not more than 2mm), when was the last time the engine receive auto high speed calibration? While the engine is running (approx 50%), go to the third page menu on the GDT and perform the auto speed calibration. Fuel pump and fuel plumbing conditions may have changed with time so recalibration once every 10-15 flight should be a good practice.

My suggestions:

1. Check EGT propbe setting
2. Check fuel tank/lines
2. Make sure that your TEMS battery pack is fully charged
3. Start engine and Recalibrate with auto high speed as described in the manual
4. Set the Min/Max rpm
5. Observe fuel pump voltage at full power, the voltage should not be more than 6V (excessive voltage indicates blockage in the fuel system)

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Default RE: 600R Flameout

Thank you!

I have never done the auto speed calibration or checked the EGT probe so maybe thats is the fault.
I will try these things and reply back to you.

One more question; What do the ramp up/down values Lo - Mid - High means and what happens if I changes them?

Regards ILSAN
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Default RE: 600R Flameout

Generally speaking, the ramp settings determine how aggressively the fuel pump voltage is raised or lowered. The Lo settings cover the bottom ~20% or so of the RPM spectrum, the Hi covers the Upper %20 or so, while the mid covers the ~60% in the middle. These depend on the ramp switch settings which are not available to users in the current software. Up or down is self explanatory. The higher the number, the slower the engine will respond to throttle stick movements so the fastest possible spool times will occur when these settings are set to their minimums. That being said, if an engine is running in less than optimal shape, you may need to increases the ramp settings.

Please do keep watch over the shut down data. It is often the smoking gun when diagnosing a problem.


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