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WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

Old 04-08-2006, 12:51 PM
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Default WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

No, I am not afraid of the wind, but some of my best planes are, I miss alot of flying because of windy days,not gales but what I think is a little riskey.

I have a old senior kadet that needs recovering and was thinking of reinforcement here and there and sheeting the whole plane with 3/32 sheet,install flying wires on the tail,put on functional wing struts, maybe take out some dihedral and install a larger engine like a .60 or.75

What do you think? Am I still all right or do I need help? Any comments or suggestions would be great.

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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##


I believe a cadet has a flat bottom wing.

Flat bottom wings are not too good in the wind. I never did it , I just think it.


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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

If you want to fly in the wind regularly, you need a large Plane.

A Large plane cuts the wind and is very stable, so ... any AC that you buy should take into consideration such things as the local flying conditions as well as your ability to transport them to the site

I know a number of fellows that fly 1/4 scale AC JUST because of the stability features, personally I like my Carl Goldberg Mustang (60 size), it is large enough to cut the wind but small enough to fit in the average car.

There are many things to consider when buying a new plane... [8D]

Good Luck!
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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

any floater isn't very good in high winds. For high wind you need some sort of fun fly model. GP Dazzler, Tower uproar, morris the knife, lawn dart, balsa nova, these models are great in the wind. Also a high powered zagi flying wing does great.
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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

I use a one-pound overweight Kougar as my windy weather airplane. Never gets too windy to fly.

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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

The plane doesn't know it's in the wind once it's off the ground. The gusts will affect it, but the wind is not a factor other than ground speed relative to the planes flying direction. I regularly fly my GWS E-Starter in high winds. The only limiting factor is forward speed. You can "fly in place" if you just keep the heading into the wind.

A plane with higher wing loading will handle the gusts better. If you "modify" a Kadet Sr. with a bunch of weight and a bigger engine ect. it will handle better in the gusts.
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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

I have seen a Kadet senior with a .60 do very well in 25-35 mph wind.
Pilot error is the cause of most crashes in windy conditions.
Good luck have fun with it...

One thing I should mention, the number 1 windy day plane killer...
That is what happens when you fly down wind.
The ground speed is very fast down wind for example;
Air speed = 40
Wind speed =20
Ground speed or the aparent speed =60
The plane zips along fast downwind, pilot pulls back the power reducing his speed then turns, plane stalles snaps and hist ground.
What happened the plane was slowed to just above stall, when turned it raised the stall speed, the plane goes into a stall,then hits ground.
Even though it looked like the plane was going fast enough (ground speed) but the airspeed was close to stall. When it wsa turned it stalled, snap rolled and bang flight over.
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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

Kadets handle wind fine.
I've flown mine off the lakebed in a wind so high the wheels didn't roll on takeoff!
And it landed like a parachute.
It just takes practice, .. repair..., practice,... repair... repeat as needed..
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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

My 15 oz Formosa electric is one of my favorite wind planes. Have flown it in 30+ MPH.
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Default RE: WIND PLANE FROM [email protected]##

Get a Roadrunner, it will take any wind. That's what we fly out here. Also I have an old Tiger 60 with a Saito 80 on it and I can fly it on windy days. Iron Ealge is right. Best way to get the plane on the ground in one piece is to allow more of an approach. Get it lined up and stable then bring it in. It's a blast to get it "horizontal hovering" just a few inches above the ground and then cut the engine and let it sit down.



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