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plane balancer

Old 04-22-2010, 08:42 PM
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Default plane balancer

Im looking for a good balancer for my planes,,was reading an article (which I misplaced) about a new type of balancer,,easy to use and a quick set-up. Anyone know of this item,,if not,,,direct me to a good balancer. I have one ,,I think its from Dubro,,it has the 2 wires coming up to pads that go under the wings,,,Its a real pain in the butt. I need one that is a little more solid.. Any ideas?

Thanks a millionTAZZZZ
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Default RE: plane balancer

sig 'pro balancer':
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Default RE: plane balancer

I made one. I used a 2' 2x6 and drilled a series of holes to hold pencils. Put the pencils in with the erasers up.  Space your holes 4", 6" 8" to accomodate various planes sizes. Very simple.
Old 04-22-2010, 10:53 PM
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Default RE: plane balancer


This is the best method I've found and suits all sizes and wing mountings.


Old 04-23-2010, 08:15 AM
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Default RE: plane balancer

The balance point is very important to the flying qualities of an airplane, but measuring to 1/16th inch accuracy in order to peg some pre-determined point is not necessary or helpful.

I cut a two thin strips of masking tape, make a measurement, and stick them on the wings at the balance point I want (length of the thin strip parallel to the wing span). Then I check balance at that point, using my finger tips and do what, if anything, I need to get it close. Then I fly the plane. If it's too stable in pitch, I move the CG back a little and try again. If too neutral, or unstable, then forward.

I have found many plans give very conservative balance points. For example, my BUSA Stick 40+ and Stingray both had balance points much further forward than they needed to be. A quick calculation (wing area, stab area, wing chord, and tail arm) showed I should be safe with the CG 3/4 inch aft of point shown on the plans. Knowing that made it much easier to set up the plane, because I didn't have to make heroic efforts to get the CG so far forward. With these and other planes I have often done maiden flights with the CG farther back than the one on the plans. On the other hand, an RCM plan had a mistake and showed a balance point too far back. First flight was like a bucking bronco. Ever since I've done a calculation on every plane before I fly it. But measuring very accurately is not so important because the point you are trying to achieve may not be so appropriate anyway.

I liked the old Goldberg plans, and some others, that showed a range, because that is the reality for any airplane. And what point you wind up picking depends on how you like the plane to fly.
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Default RE: plane balancer

Tazzzz- check out this I posted about the Sig Balancer. Its great. Its a little more than the Great Planes, but a hundred times better.
Old 04-24-2010, 01:15 AM
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Default RE: plane balancer

I built a sling i hang from my cieling. I took a piece of angle aluminium but you could use a yardstick and place two loops hanging from the ends and place a plumbob in the center then hang the whole thing from the cieling. Place the wings in the loops and the plumbob points to the cg. one thing i have found is tie a knot just under where you attatch the loops to the rod. this hangs the plane from two points and is much more accurate. It is cheap and works really good

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