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Need advice on drift car.

Old 05-09-2016, 12:10 AM
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Post Need advice on drift car.

Hey guys!

Id love to get into Drifting and Racing of some sort, but i mainly have an idea of what my first goal is and i need some experienced R/C drivers to help me on this one.
so ive got 2 Buggys at the moment, the one is 10 yrs old with a brand new engine and the other one is a HSP basher nitro, and was bought recently. so ive had my one RC car for about 10 years and never used it cause it needed a new motor and gear, but ive got about 1/2 a year experience in those vehicles.

so first i wanna buy a nice chassis, built for Nitro,and needs to be on road, i want it to be tough and strong as im not a great driver yet. - my HPS buggy has a bent frame from 3-4 uses, but thats from Pavements and bumps, ill be more careful with this one as i wont be driving over bumps and pavements.

I want to get a really good Nitro Engine for the chassis, but have no clue about the engines, my plan is to add a NOS system and a SuperCharger system even if they dont help much as i want the car to look great and awesome under the hood, ive found a site that makes those systems. Also i want good gears that don't strip or break from the engine.

I would like to be able to make it a Drift car/Racing car from changing the Wheels

SO all in all like it to be faster than my previous cars, I'll provide a link to them.
2.I want it to look awesome under the body.
3.Im happy to upgrade parts.
4.I want to start of with just a chassis, no RTR cars, Possibly a kit.
5.I want to get a Nice BMW body for it later as i like BMW's preferably a M3 or M6.
6.must be on-road with good suspension, happy to upgrade suspension.
7.must be relitavely fast, faster the better, im sure i can set the amount of throttle on the remote, but good for a beginner if you know what i mean.

here is a link to my Nitro i currently have, and the engine in my electric buggy.
Nitro -

i couldent find the chasis, but here is the engine its running.

electric - [h=5]Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof Brushless 1/10 Super Stock Power System 3000Kv/45A[/h]
Thanks guys for the support, hope you can help, and suggestions are free if you have a better idea than what i want feel free to tell me about a product that is just as awesome!
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sakura and mst are the better of the supported brands. if your just starting out you can get a starter car like a redcat lightning that has upgrade parts available but isn't a kit. most of the time any body can be fitted to a chassis so you can get whatever body you want and put it on with a body reamer or magnets. it's going to be kinda hard to drift it then use it for road racing with the same suspension setup because the setup is not going to work out the same for both. good luck with what ever you pick. just get out and drift.
Old 05-10-2016, 06:03 PM
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Question; are you talking about electric or nitro? You're sending mixed signals.
Old 05-23-2016, 10:40 PM
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Just and update

@RustedRC : yea sounds good, ill have a look at those suggested items, might just turn it into a sick drift car with out having it as a road racer.

@collector1231: I would really love to focus on Nitro, thats my plan, but if you have a suggestion on anything else let me know.

So here is what ive done so far.

1.Ive bought the baseplate for the HSP 94122, i found that just about %100 of the items for that onroad car can be bought on Ebay.
> in saying that im not sure if thats the car i actually want to build.

2. ive been doing tons of research on engines for that car, and it only works with a .15 and a .18, but i couldent find many nice engines that are .18, so i decided to buy a decent but affordable .21 nitro engine to test out in a 1/10 chassis i already own.
> the engine i got was the >>> Trackstar SEG-28 two stroke nitro engine - from
> I understand that this engine is really powerfull to my knowledge

so what i want to know is that if i have aftermath parts, with a gearbox with Steel gears and also the differential not being plastic, will the drivetrain handle an engine like that?
and is this engine actually powerful or do i just think it is? it is a 3hp engine?

do you guys think that i can fit a .21 engine in a 1/10 scale car? ive seen a 1/8 scale car and they dont look much different, well thats if the one i saw was really a 1/8, it was like 2cm longer

Thanks guys for the support.
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Also is the .21 faster than a .18? or is a .12 faster than a .18?
really lost on the whole engine system

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