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omega fuel in saito fa-65

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mustang madness
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Default omega fuel in saito fa-65

i have recently purchased a saito 65 4 stroke and i am unsure of the fuel that i should be using. is omega 15% ok if not can anyone tell me what fuel i should be using. thanks
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Default RE: omega fuel in saito fa-65

Omega fuel (2 stroke) fuel contains 30% castor oil/70% synthetic oil and total oil content of 17% by volume.

Many people including myself do not like to use castor oil in our 4 strokes. The reason for this that the castor will carbon up your exhaust valve necessiting removal of engine, disassembly and cleaning. How often this occurs depends on how much you fly. People who I know use this fuel any any other high castor % fuel report doing this 1-2 times a flying season. Personally, I don't care for the hassle required.

Some castor initially is good for break in and to coat the engine bearings. If you prefer the protectino of castor over synthetic you may consider using less of it in your fuel. One way is to mix 50% coolpower (100% synthetic oil) w/ 50% Omega. This will give you a fuel containing 15% castor, 85% synthetic and 17% oil content overall. The color of the fuel will be ugly but this lower amount of castor will delay the eventual coking (carbon building) on your exhaust valve.

Many 4 stroke users use 100% synthetic fuel. Coolpower is one example and when I use this fuel I normally add 3-4 oz of castor anyway so I have a little in my engines. If I don't add the castor then I add enough syn oil to bring up the oil content to 20%. My personal preference.
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Default RE: omega fuel in saito fa-65

I use the Coolpower 4 Cycle fuel in mine as well as S&W. It's mostly synthetic but has some castor in it.
Works well, but they do get a bit gummy after awhile.

Lee Snover
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Default RE: omega fuel in saito fa-65

For the Saito's I have, Saito recommends a fuel with a part castor in it. I think that gives better protection than the total synthetic types. Omega and Wildcat Premium are good fuels for 2 and 4 strokes. (except the YS because of their pumps)
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Default RE: omega fuel in saito fa-65

I use 30% helicopter fuel. It has either 22 or 24% oil. runs great. In fact I run it in my 2-strokes as well as my other 4-strokes.
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Default RE: omega fuel in saito fa-65

I ran nothing but Omega 10% 2-stroke in my Saito .80 for three years without a single problem.

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Default RE: omega fuel in saito fa-65

I absolutely agree with JWN in that Omega works perfectly in a Saito, or any other 4C motor
for that matter.

I plunked hard earned cash on the counter for my motors too....I wouldn't recommend something
that would risk your investment either.


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